Issue#11766: Giffgaff - Forum closed for maintenance

  • "Forum closed for maintenance" message came couple of minutes ago. Is it?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#317272: Giffgaff - Mobile version forum issue?

    Is there some issue with using the mobile version of the forum? The arrow is missing next to where you change the drop-down page no. so you're stuck on page 1.

  • Issue#494530: Giffgaff - Issue with the mobile forum

    Currently using Firefox to browse the site, and in mobile view it's not showing usernames on posts. Is it just me?

  • Issue#9158: Giffgaff - Planned Maintenance - 26 Jan 2016

      Service Status Calls, Text, Data, Community  Available MMs, Payments, Voicemail  Delayed / intermittent    Summary   A planned maintenance will take place on the 26 Jan 2016 at 23:00 until 27 Jan 2016 at 06:00. We expect some services to be impacted for about 15 minutes within that period.   Most Recent Update 17:07 - 26 Jan 2016   Oh hello there,   It's that time again for a quick update on this planned maintenance change to MMS, the adult content shield, voicemail and micropayments including, premium SMS for games and ringtone downloads and prepay MMS. We don't expect the services to be affected for more than 15 minutes.   Updates   Please click the spoiler for a full history of this service issue to date.    Most Recent Update 17:05 - 26 Jan 2016 Oh hello there,   It's that time again for a quick update on this planned maintenance change to MMS, the adult content shield, voicemail and

  • Issue#12678: Autodesk - Report showing details of the user who closed the issue

    Hi thereI’m trying to find a report in Field which will show the date the issue was closed as well as the details of a user who closed it.The person who closes the issues is considered as the approver so it is very important metadata to present at the end of the project.Info of who closed the issue is already in the history tab so the metadata is there I just don’t seem to be able to view it in a report.Please can you advise?  Many thanks,Karolina Molenda

  • Issue#13096: Giffgaff - Goodybag issue

    Payed for it and haven't received it

  • Issue#13099: Giffgaff - GIFF GAFF GOODY BAG ISSUE

    HI, I've just purchased a new goody bag as mine had run out. My 4g is flashing and now the internet logo is H and the arrows are flashing to signal there is a connection but i still cant connect to anything, so i have not internet connection, Any help would be appreciated? Im in the Dartford Kent area and I dont believe there are any signal losses

  • Issue#13212: Giffgaff - Galaxy s6 front camera black line issue

    Hi guys my s6 has started showing a black line on all photos taken with the front camera, seems to be somthing on the lesns or an issue with the lens itself.  The phone was purchased from giffgaff about 10 weeks ago, whats my next steps? Thanks in advance. ï»¿ï»¿

  • Issue#13597: Giffgaff - Any chance of help over the signal issue

    Any chance of help over the no signal issue in Ellesmere Port are of town centre up to Xmas great reception and signal since then no signal or so times 1 bar then that diappears have complained bitterly to o2 via there on line complaint have done it many times but nothing's changed have had my phone checked nothing wrong there either any one at gifgaf help with this issue with o2???????.

  • Issue#13599: Giffgaff - getting badly narked off as cant get any answers to the issue im trying to solve. need th

    Lost phone, cancelled. got virgin sim n cheap crappy phone. got giff gaff sim other day and put 10 on it. sim faulty, got new phone today (unlocked and ready) put 10 voucher on it - still cant use it. thats 20 ive put on 2 sims and cant get calling, i want to know if a)when new sim activated how do i pass the other 10 pound on faulty sim over.Im not getting any answers and need my phone so badly.ive been delighted with giff gaff but now there are problems I cant seem to find how to resolve them saer

  • Issue#15386: Giffgaff - what issue are giff gaff having with incorrect card details

    hi ive been trying to get a phone and goodie bag all day and so far all i get is incorrect card details i have asked agent and all i get is that i am one off the people going through this issue on there end what is the actual issue i carnt get an answer from anywhere and im starting to get realy dissapointed with giff gaff as i am curently without a phone and all my friends/family are on giff gaff and say that it is great please help

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#17956: Giffgaff - No 3G connection, is there a coverage issue?

    Can't connect to 3G network since yesterday. Thought I had no more data left for the month but saw that I had 290mb left for 2 days. Tried restarting iphone 6 and checking network configurations but still not working. Anybody know why?

  • Issue#18057: Giffgaff - Transfer number page issue in Chrome

    One for the Giff Gaff Web Dev Team:There appears to be an issue in Chrome when submitting the transfer a number page: I attempted to submit the form on this page last night and nothing happened. No error message nothing etc. So I tried again this morning at work and I got the same (at home I'm on v48 and at work i'm on v47).Upon trying in Firefox (v43.04) the form submits fine.Thought I'd give you a heads up in case other people are experiencing the same issue in Chrome.Regards,Damian

  • Issue#19888: Giffgaff - No contact for 24 hours on issue

    Trying to send complaint emailAnd keep getting bounce back mail saying added incorrect even after I've changed aEm so and resent . Not getting any response to my last 5 mails to giffgaff

  • Issue#20245: Forum Permissions for Closed Beta Forum

    Hi! I've been trying to post some feedback in regards to the Closed Beta. However, I do not have the permissions to post, reply, etc in the The Division Closed Beta forum. Is there a way to get permissions to post please?

  • Issue#24581: Giffgaff - Internet connection issue

    Dear all, Currently using £15 goodybag. For several months, as I am out and about for work etc. the internet connection is intermittent at best. Yes i can connect via WiFi at tube stations, rail stations etc. However the fundamental problem is I do not have "consistent access" to the internet.  Phone is an LG G3 so no issues there. Done the turn on - turn off phone routine. Travelling on a bus in daytime; coming home from work on the overground train  - it's the same thing. So before leaving,  can someone convince me why I should remain with giffgaff (yes I already know it's cheaper etc) as opposed to going back to a contract with another provider who can offer what I want i.e. consistent access to the internet. 

  • Issue#31543: Giffgaff - Number transfer issue

    I moved my number from another network, all is good, but when I send a text the original giffgaff number shows.

  • Issue#38471: Giffgaff - Latest top-Up Issue

    Every time I've topped up here I've had a problem of some sort-it's never gone smoothly. THIS time I had is sussed, I thought !!Till now I've bought the £7.50 goodybag but GiffGaff emailed the £5 better suited me with a link so I bought the new one and it all went through seamlessly, even according to my account.So I was smug......THEN I receive a confirmation email a couple of hours later saying I'd purchased my £5 goodybag and what does it say ??? It expires 31/1/16 !!Now I know I did it properly and My Account confirms this but can you see just how confusing this is to a newer person than me ???Fingers crossed I can stay smug knowing I did it right and the new one starts tomorrow and I'm not left floundering...... Lynda~ 

  • Issue#39413: Giffgaff - Hi, I have issue with text messages, where and how do I direct this issue?

    Sorry, not used this service before.I received a text message today where half the text sent was not received but half of a text sent on the 19th January was added onto the text received today.I dont understand, what has caused this to happen? How to stop it happening again?Thanks. 

  • Issue#40034: Giffgaff - Anybody else not managed to upload images to the forum today?

    I've tried to put images in a couple of posts today, using both firefox and IE on desktop PC. In both cases, the image uploads, I get the DONE button appear, but the button does nothing. This has always worked fine in recent weeks. Anybody else having problems?

  • Issue#41583: Giffgaff - Can't buy credit. Says issue with my account.

    Can't buy credit. Says issue with my account.

  • Issue#44935: Should giffgaff make a sub-forum for 'religious' topics?

    I'm sure I can't be the only one that's fed up of all the 'religious' threads here. It seems that 95% are nothing more than bait to try and incite arguments and, in my opinion, they're really dragging General Discussion down. I vote for putting them all in one place, just like happened with Forum Games which has its own sub-forum. Oh, I'm sure there will be loads of "if you don't like them, dont read them" replies to my (tongue-in-cheek) suggestion, yeah, the same could be said about Forum Games but they're separate from General Discussion.

  • Issue#45111: Giffgaff - Planned Maintenance - 02 Feb 2016

      Service Status Transactions on  May time out All other services  Available    Summary We'll be performing some maintenance which will begin on 02.02.2016 at 07:00am and is scheduled to completed at 08:00am on 02.02.2016. Please see below for more information.   Most Recent Update 20:02 - 01 Feb 2016   Evening All,   Just to give you a quick heads up, we'll be performing some maintenance which will begin tomorrow, 02.02.2016 at 07:00am and will be completed by 08:00am on 02.02.2016. We're not expecting any impact, however, if you receive a time-out during your transaction, be sure to try again.   We'll keep you updated on the latest and will let you know when the maintenance has been completed.   Cheerio, Gurpreet   Updates   Please click the spoiler for a full history of this service issue to date.      20:02 - 01 Feb 2016   Evening All,   Just to

  • Issue#50132: Giffgaff - [Planned Maintenance] Site outage 3rd Feb 15 - 00:01-06:00

        Service Status Activations/SIM Swaps  Not available during maintenance Topups (Card & Voucher)  Not available during maintenance Purchasing goodybags  Not available during maintenance Buying a phone outright  Not available during maintenance Buying a phone with a loan  Not available during maintenance Account balance  Not available during maintenance gg Dashboard  Not available during maintenance PAC Code Request  Not available during maintenance Returns & Repairs  Not available during maintenance Portin Requests  Not available during maintenance My Payment Details  Not available during maintenance gg Community Updates  Not available during maintenance Amending recurring & auto topup settings-t  Not available during maintenance  Viewing the Community  ï»¿ A

  • Issue#51209: Giffgaff - 3G issue

    Please help .......I own my Iphone4s outright. So if the 3G goody bag is discontinued how do I go about going to 4g? I'm in no position to buy a new phone, I have been to a phone shop and I'm thinking of leaving Giffgaff through this as I can't use my phone now, grrrrr , many thanks , nabzyboy

  • Issue#54852: Giffgaff - App won't let me top-up for three days now, says there's an issue with account.

    Unfortunately for the last few days I've been without a phone and as a young girl I feel very unsafe by the thought. The app tells me there's an issue with my account and to contact an agent however the agents fail to respond. I am on the verge of leaving this company and becoming a customer of another mobile service. This is an outrage because I've been such a loyal customer.

  • Issue#55533: Giffgaff - I cannot top up as every page keeps saying maintenance is in progress.

    I just want to top up my phone!

  • Issue#56585: Giffgaff - Issue messaging or calling a number

    Hi there I have an issue with being able to contact a specfic mobile number.I really can't fathom how to fix this and it would be useful to get advise on this issue, below are the facts: The number is an international number but I can message and call other numbers from the same region just fineThe number is definitely correctThere is plenty of credit on my phone outside of my goody bagI am able to receive calls and messages from themI have deleted this contact from my contacts, call history and message history and re-added them and still am unable to message or call.This has been going on for well over a yearPlease help! P

  • Issue#56590: Giffgaff - [Planned Maintenance] Site outage - 04/02/16 00:01 - 04:00

      Service Status Activations/SIM Swaps Unavailable during maintenance Topups (Card & Voucher) Unavailable during maintenance Purchasing goodybags Unavailable during maintenance Buying a phone outright Unavailable during maintenance Buying a phone with a loan Unavailable during maintenance Account balance Unavailable during maintenance gg Dashboard Unavailable during maintenance PAC Code Request Unavailable during maintenance Returns & Repairs Unavailable during maintenance Portin Requests Unavailable during maintenance My Payment Details Unavailable during maintenance gg Community Updates Unavailable during maintenance Amending recurring & auto topup settings-t Unavailable during maintenance  Viewing the Community  ï»¿ Available  Auto Topup  ï»¿ Available  Recurring Goodybags  ï»¿ Availab