Issue#1374: Photoshop - Is it possible to change the SAMPLE TEXT in the font preview? in CC

  • is this possible? or is tere a setting so when i type a word it shows up in the sample text. im asking because im trying to match the text that is already on the picture im working on?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1370: Photoshop - photoshop cc 2015 hdr toning preview checkbox issue

    After updating Photoshop cc 2015, HDR Toning Preview checkbox is not working !

  • Issue#9575: Photoshop - change text color in Ps

    Hi,How do I change the color of text that I've scanned into Ps CS6?Thank you

  • Issue#32195: Unity UI.text issue with text/font

    Hi community, The problem that occurred is whenever the text rectangle is set to an even height it looks like this(perfect): View attachment 171631 (height = 20, even) but whenever the text rect transform is set to an uneven height it looks like this(ugly): View attachment 171632 (height = 19, uneven; it seems like the vertical spacing is off) I want to note that: I tried multiple versions of unity(5.3.0, 5.3.1) I used at least 3 fonts(arial, corbel,... Unity UI.text issue with text/font

  • Issue#116182: Acrobat Reader - How do you change the font size and style of text you've written on a pdf?

    I'm using version 10.1 and have followed directions to highlight the text and then open the properties bar.  When doing so, a box appears saying, "no current selection."  I can't get a window to appear to allow me options to change font size and style.

  • Issue#170482: Autodesk - dynamic block with attributes not allowing global text font change

    I have a dynamic block (attached) which is inserted many times into one .dwg file. The block has its (attributed) text style as Arial, but I wish to change this to a different font (Romans) for all blocks within the .dwg. I have tried going through BATTMAN to no avail - as soon as I edit the text-font of the first attribute ("Bw.Nr."), something weird happens with some of the lower text attributes (they get moved downwards). Could perhaps be a bug in the block that I can't identify/fix!? I have also tried opening the block in block-editor, selecting each row of text and changing them from Arial to Romans, but it looks like the block has a bug/error - it works fine for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th text entities (text gets updated) but the 4th and 5th text entities remain unchanged and in fact get moved down one row!? Likely a related issue to that found in method 1 above. I have also tried double-clicking on the block-text to change the font via the attributes editor window

  • Issue#266309: Unity - Text displayed wrong on Android (font issue?)

    Hello. I am working on a project that uses a Text Mesh with bold text. The font is Tw Cen MT, the character size is 0.1, the font size is 90. This text is rendered with the "GUI/Text Shader" shader. I'm trying to build this project with Unity Could Build for both Web and Android. Everything works fine on the Web version, but the text in the Android build looks funny. I've attached two examples, as you can see in the Android build the font is not bold, is wider etc. This is how it should... Text displayed wrong on Android (font issue?)

  • Issue#349279: After Effects - How to change the menu font size and tools size in Photoshop (CS5 for 4K monitor)?

    Hello, does anyone know how to change the font size in the menu and also tools size in Photoshop? I just got a 4K display for Windows PC and everything is very small.

  • Issue#395927: How do i change the highlighted text font on the main menu bar?

    Please how do i change the highlighted text font on the main menu bar of this skin? the White one when highlighted (I would like to change the highlighted text to red). I am use to using Notepad ++ & also Kodi.Texture but the location of the color of this main bar text & highlighted text would be nice? Sure alot know this but after looking everywhere i thought the best way to figure this out was to just straight up ask in this forum. Thanks in advance

  • Issue#488902: Skype - How to change font and/or color of the text?

    Hello. Just curious but i see people use rainbow text on my phone, it bothers me and I want to give it a try as well. Any solutions? Thanks, NightDawn.

  • Issue#571039: Photoshop Elements - How do I change the color or brightness of text with a style applied?

    What I'm doing is typing text I want, then using styles to give it a nice bevel effect, or metal effect.  However, the default color and brightness is not what I want.  Any attempt to change the color of the text I've typed is failing.  It'll let me adjust the dials but nothing happens, so this makes some of these styled text useless unless I figure out how to change the color and brightness of them.  I tried using a color overlay under (new fill layer) and this just fills the whole screen with a solid color, using the standard brightness and color settings (which i'd prefer) doesn't work.   I'm willing to try any method though, does anyone here have any ideas?  I'm using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, so everyone knows.

  • Issue#756582: HP - I want to print text , pdf only in a color font, and change black and white default ( 4620 Inkj

    My black and white cartrigde did not work even though the supplies level indicated plenty of ink . I found that I could print in color before I trash this printer since i had extra ink 564xl that I did not want to waste. I can print in color with text edit but not the pdf . I have looked everywhere to change any settings , default black and white to a color of choice but cannot find it. Please help me out since I really need to use up all this ink I bought before I buy a new printer. I called hP and they said this cartrigde of 4620 is not replacable or fixable . so I tried to trouble shoot by using only color . There is nothing worse than being without a printer! Thanks for any leads . cacsp56

  • Issue#829943: After Effects - Photoshop 2015.5 Major Font Issue

    Just updated. When I try to use a font on my PC, that is also in TypeKit, it doesn't work. In other words, when I type the letters or change the font to say "Source Sans Pro" the letters are not visible, no matter what color I make them. If I use a non-Typekit font like Verdana, all works as normal. Very frustrating. I do not have font sync on. Why can't I use the fonts installed on my PC?

  • Issue#876846: After Effects - Photoshop CC 2015.5 Arabic font Preview

    how to fix "sample" word font preview direction for Arabic fonts in photoshop cc 2015the characters're reversed as shown in Screenshot , I must be "عينة" not "ة ي ن ع" how to fix this , thanks allot

  • Issue#937011: Muse - Text Turns Italic In Preview Mode(s) When Using Web Font

    I recently installed a self-hosted web font into my site, and replaced all the current text with the new web font. In some cases, the text turns italic whenever you're in Muse's preview and/or is posted to catalyst. In the file itself, everything looks great - it only happens whenever it's being previewed. Please Help!

  • Issue#1009200: Qlik - Qlik Sense::How can we change the color and Font of the text that is displayed on the Text Bo

    Qlik Sense::How can we change the color and Font of the text that is displayed on the Text Box

  • Issue#1029193: InDesign - I place text then change font size but it does not flow to next page

    Hi there! Say when I place text that fits into one page because it enters indesign with a super small font size. Then when I want to increase the font size it does not continue on the next page. How can I make this happen? Thanks alot!!

  • Issue#1120828: Photoshop Elements - How do I change Text Color In slideshow?

    I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and I am trying to do a slideshow with custom text for a friend but its on a orange background and it has white text?? How do I change the color of the TEXT on slideshows?? I want that orange background so I don't wanna use another background for this particular slideshow I just need to change text color.. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with the text being white you cant even barely see it LOL I desparately need help with this

  • Issue#1405: Photoshop: is there a reason why the text is all caps and not lower case?

    is there a reason why the text is all caps and not lower case?

  • Issue#4684: Photoshop - The wrong text appears when I highlight to edit it.

    The content from a different text field appears, when I highlight to edit!

  • Issue#5817: how to change text to date

    Hi, I have data coming from SalesForce. BI is not recognising the date as date. when changing the type to date, am left with so many errors, which is quite strange, as the date in the error tab is still formatted in the same way of the correct ones. ï»¿ï»¿ I tried few methods that I know, but none worked. I changed the value of / with none and then tried to workout the CALCULATING the Infraction Date but it didn't perform as expected due to the number of characters are not equal in all rows. ï»¿  Any thoughts to help in a solution?  

  • Issue#7048: Photoshop - Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect. I have 4GB of RAM o

    Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect.I'm running win7 and photoshop CC 2015 on i5 processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • Issue#10210: Can I change my email font on my iPhone?

    While typing my email, the font is in the default iPhone font. After it is sent, in the thread, it is in Times New Roman. Can I change this?

  • Issue#10374: Photoshop - Need to change the color of a file from blue to rich black

    I need help converting a file from a blue color to a rich black. Rich black meaning 40c,30m, 30y, 100k in the darkest areas and the rest of the file should have a neutral gray balance. It would be easy if it was just a solid background but the file I was supplied has a starburst right on the middle of it. I think it can be done with the channel mixer or hue/saturation but my efforts have not produced the file exactly as needed. Attached is a jpg of the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#10532: How do I change my text bubble colors on iMessage?

    When I go on iMessage, there are only blue and gray text bubble colors. I was just wondering if it was possible to get other colors.

  • Issue#10860: Skype - Link preview title issue

    So a friend just posted a link to an article titled "10 Signs You're [blah blah blah]" Skype Preview shows the title as "10 Signs You\'re [blah blah blah]" The apostrophe is "escaped". If you can't handle strings properly, how can you be trusted to handle our communcations?

  • Issue#10889: Change main menu font size

    Where do yo edit font size for main menu vertical. font.xml? what line?

  • Issue#10959: Sony - Sony Bravia kd49x8307c how to change subtitles font

    Hello,i just bought this TV and i was wondering since the movies subtitles fonts are quite small, if anyone knows how can u make a setting for increasing the fonts.

  • Issue#11892: Photoshop - how to change language from english to spanish?

    anyone knows how to change the language from english to spanish, I downloaded last night and I did in english by mistake, thanks!!!

  • Issue#12874: change preview

    How to change the preview of the video file at 10 frames in front or back? Some video files by default are not informative previews.