Issue#161: Sony - HDR-AS15 action camera connection issues

  • Hi I have this action camera and won't to use my pnone as a view finder.


    previously when i first got this camera i installed playmemories wifi software and it all worked


    i've installed the latest version of the software and it is not compatible with my phone android 4.0.3 I found what i think is the correct version of sony PM software Vers 2.1 and hey presto it installed launced found the camera and allowed me to imput the password.  then just as it was arriving at the live image feed it stated error this is not a supported device.


    what is going on? can you help 

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#298107: Sony - A 6000 issue - anyone with charging, connection, customer service issues

    My a6000 was purchased around the end of October 2015. There are a few bodies around and many batteries so the micro USB port or cord was maybe used 3 or four times. The kit was pulled out for the second time since  purchase while planning for a time lapse. A little software updating was in order. The Device would not connect to anything nor would the light charge. Contacted support by text as I couldn't use the phone. They were unable to process by text / live chat. Got in line somewhere else for telephone conversations with support to acquire a micro usb cord.  My mind began stirring as hopefully one could imagine.  During the convesation with telephone support I clearly state the issue doesn't need support the problem is isolated as I have multiple Sony products. Please just send a micro USB cord the cord was used only a couple of times. Then I hear that isn't covered by warrantee. It is. Everything in the kit is covered. More time passes then I'm told prove

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    I love the fact that I can control the action camera with my AX53 but there seems to be a disconnect when I turn my AX53 Handy Cam Off. When I turn it back on it is no longer connected. I then have to mannually turn the action camera back on then go through the entire set up/ connection again. I bought these two cameras together with the idea I could control the action camera. I can connect to the action camera but cannot turn it on and off. I can only control it if I always leave them both on which is not how I thought it would work. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Issue#26518: Sony - HDR AS200V(R) : can't switch on cause of trigger issue

    Hi All,    After one month of normal use of this HDR AS200V, I can't switch it on by pushing the I/O button (on the rear).This button actuates a tiny lever pushing a micro switch (on internal face, in plastic) and I suppose this lever becoming more & more weak unabled to push the internal micro switch.Has anyone met this issue ?Is Sony aware of this malfunction ?Thanks for your help.Best regards,Catcla

  • Issue#30550: Sony - how do you turn on gps for a HDR-AS15

    I have a Sony action cam HDR-AS15 and i am trying to turn on the GPS function. i cant find it. i am running firmwares version 3.00.

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    Hey guys! Happy to join the forum. I hope I will be able to get a lot of info here regarding the nice hdr as200v cameras. Surely one of my best investments I ever did.I bought 3 cameras so far, in 2 weeks they will become 4! I am recording multicamera video sessions and the default SSID and password settings are my biggest nightmare. I use the Play Memories in order to manage the cameras in real time. The default naming conventions are very frustrating and I cannot understand quickly which camera is which when I want to connect to any of them - TJH6 or any other non sense identifier for the cameras makes me connect 2-3 times in order to get the one I need. Having in mind I do this via the phone makes the things even worse.So can these settings be updated in the " wifi config" (I don't remember the file name now) file? Can I set my personal SSID and pass?Thanks in advance! 

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    Selling above items in very good condition. Hardly use and view to see the condition. Carl Zeiss lens for great HD videos & still shots! Comes with original Sony carry case. Original packaging still available. If price is right, will also throw in the original Sony spot light (HVL-HL1) that can be mounted on the horseshoe for those indoor videos. COD $280. SMS 9-one-883-one-40. More info on item:

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    I have a sony action camerca and lost the wifi password.How can I get a new password to conect the camera with the mobile and computer?

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    Does the APPLE IOS Action Camera App truly transfer XAVCS files from FDR 1000v? Are these files fully 4k?  I want to edit them in IMovie.  Is this what others are doing? Apreciate any other ways to place them on an Ipad easily with that device and edit them.(FDR 1000v) Thanks,Mat

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    my recordings can play on my samsung led tv if they are recorded via my sony rx100mk2 camera.when i used the actions cameras, i have a as100 and as200, recordings done on both cannot be played on the tv. says that format isnt supported. i'm suspecting it is the .ani files. the tv seems to accept avchd file format (mts) from the rx100. how do i save the .ani recordings into avchd file?

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    Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V With Waterproof Case + Live View Remote (RM-LVR1) S$328 Used less than 1 week in Australia trip No scratch Except working condition 1 battery for the action camera. Live view in-built rechargeable battery Steady shot image stabilization and wifi Exmor R , 13.5 megapixels

  • Issue#231536: Netflix connection issues, definitely a BT issue.

    Good Morning, Not sure what's going on with my connection but haven't been able to get on Netflix for 3 days now, just keeps repeating the same error message. UI-113,  I've been a BT customer for 3.5 years using Homehub 3 on an Infinity 2 package. I watch Netflix on an android tablet and LG Smart TV via their apps. 3 days ago Netflix refused to connect, tried resetting modem, router, TV but no luck. Tried on the tablet, still no luck. Just figured Netflix might be having some issues so left it. Yesterday tried again with the same issues.  I hotspotted my phone yesterday to provide an internet connection, guess what, it connected via the TV and the tablet so I know now this is a BT issue. Anyone else having the same problems and found a fix? Getting increasingly annoyed, I watch 90% of my TV via Netflix as I use on demand only and right now I have hardly anything to watch. I did a forum search and found some older threads from a month back bu

  • Issue#268252: Re: Netflix connection issues, definitely a BT issue, my own experiences

    As  happened to many others,  Netflix suddenly failed to connect on my Panasonic smart TV in January, with code U113. Where I am at the moment:1. I complained to BT and 'someone' in BT is trying to find out the technical side of it and will get back to me. 2. I have a BT Youview box and I can get Netflix on that although I paid for it externally. I had to sign in with the original details with Netflix. However the first attempt does not work, but 'try again'works so far and it's fine. 3. Netflix running on my laptop can be streamed to the TV with a HDMI cable and that works fine also.  I am patiently waiting for more information from BT or from others on here. I have just joined and it's been a very interesting thread. 

  • Issue#301340: Sony - BDP-S3700 Netflix Connection Issue

    I just purchased a S3700 for my parents and was setting it up for them. Everything appears to be working except Netflix. All other online content is functional. I consistently get the UI-800-3 error even after manually setting the DNS values as suggested in other threads. One main reason I purchased this for them was for Netflix so this is somewhat of a disappointment. Help please?

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    Hi, my Premiere Elements 13 doesn't recognise my Sony HDR-HC7 video camera.  Any solutions? Rgds Peter.

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    Sony AT28400 action camera. Brand new out of the box. continuous  mode screen scan as soon as tunred on.Battery has been fully charged. Have in stalled Lexar 64 bit High-Perfirmance class 1 SD card.   

  • Issue#388321: White flashing video issue on Premiere Pro CC 2015 with XAVC L50 from SONY FS7 camera

    I see this problem only on PREMIERE PRO, I don't see it on camera or SONY CATALYST. Anybody with the same problem ??? Regards from Costa Rica

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    merged to an existing thread

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    HDR-TD30 3D video camera screen only shows battery and GPS symbols when I open it. I can't record anything. Was using the remote contol thing yesterday outside. Don't know if I hit a wrong button or what. Been at it for more than an hour. Nothing. Screen shows fine, 3D, just no symbols that will let me hit the record button (which isn't there).  Larry

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    My Bravia KD55X8505B has lost internet connection after 12 months without issue.  Why?I've tried to reset the internet connection using the TV menu but it says it finds the cable but cannot find internet.This is through a cable not WiFi.What do I need to do?

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    I have an x850c and netflix ultra hd service. I saw they are streaming marco polo in hdr. I am watching it but it seems that the picture is dark. Although the brigtness is at the max and the settings conform that the content is HDR, it does not seem to me that HDR is great. 4k looks better than HDR. So I was wondering is there something wrong with my set or am I doing something wrong? Is anybody else experiencing this beside me? Any suggestions would be helpful. 

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    Sony HDR-TD20VE  suitable for web camera or streaming via USB or I need a HDMI capture card? Thank you!!!

  • Issue#505627: Sony - Issue with connecting HDR-SR10E to laptop

    Hello, We recently re-found a missing Sony HD camera and I am (hopefully) in the process of deleting and saving videos. The issue I am having is that when I dock it into the Handycam station it came with (as it is the only thing is a USB connection port) when I select the HDD connect option it sits on "Preparing..." and does nothing. However, when I select the SD card connection option (even though we have no SD card in it) it registers as being connected and drivers are installed. Any idea why this is happening? There are no other way (that we can see) to connect it to the PC (unless we want to do a live feed onto a laptop/PC).Thanks!

  • Issue#512617: Sony - I'd like to know the use of the function LOOP in Action Cam HDR-AS200V

    I've just bought an Action Cam HDR-AS200V and I'm trying it, but I don't understand what's the use for the function LOOP. Many thanks for your help

  • Issue#520471: Sony - Camera a 6000 lens issue

    I bought this beautiful a 6000 camera on June 23, 2014. I use this camera about 3-4 x a year (regular usage). About 2 weeks ago when the camera lens (original lens that came with it)  started not being recognized anymore for no reason. I attempted trouble shooting the issue as per Sony's recommendation with no success and eventually brought the camera to a recommended place in Whitby Ontario (MTC). Here's the bomber! They wanted $416 (parts and labor) to have this fixed. I am surprised how much this would cost me. I bought this camera for $749.99 (excluding 13%tax) and it does not make sense that I have to pay more than half of the cost of this camera. I am really disappointed with this camera because I have such a high expectation that this will last me for a while,not for only 20 months. I have a Sony  digital camera before this and it still is working for over 10 years now. I thought that having to pay more with a supposedly really good camera will be a wise decision. It i

  • Issue#586772: Sony - HDR-AS50 camera disconnects right after QR Code is scanned

    Hello, I'm having trouble connecting my new ActionCam AS50 to my Android phone (Samsung Alpha). Steps:1) First I make sure WIFI is on in the camera.2) Then I scan the QR code.3) It asks to connect. I say ok4) It says Connecting and rotates for a while.5) Then it says DISCONNECTED or CONNECTION failed. How do I get this to work?

  • Issue#597530: Ubnt - Unifi Video 3.2.2 - Camera Connection Issue

    I recently upgrade my NVR to Unifi Video 3.2.2. The upgrade seemed to go OK but it took forever through the UI. After the upgrade 2 of my 3 cams didn't want to update their firmware via the UI so I downloaded the 3.2 firmware for the cams. This is were things get kind of goofy. First let me give you some background on the setup. I run a USG on a 50 / 5 mbps connection. My NVR is actually out on amazon on a t2.small instance. This has sufficed for over a 2 years with the original aircams and now the unifi video cams.  After upgrading the firmware on the 2 cams that were being difficult all appeared to be ok. However about 5 minutes later the cams would suddenly say disconnected from the Unifi Video UI. Reboot the cams and they come back into the UI as connected. However, the cams aren't actually disconnected, the NVR still records events based on the motion settings.  Is there any reason the UI would be reporting a down link state even though it's actually

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  • Issue#653417: Sony - Has anyone else had issues with HT-ST7 losing connection with the wireless subwoofer?

    I have the HT-ST7 soundbar with the wireless subwoofer. I purchased it in Feb 2015. It has played with no problems at all until this week. Now the wireless subwoofer is cutting in and out, losing connection, and gets a ling sound. The sound bar itself never has a problem at all. It continues to sound great. It will play fine for about an hour with no problems, then it begins cutting out and losing connection.