Issue#1624: Sony - Fan continuously going after Windows 10 update

  • Hi


    I recently updated my Sony Vaio laptop to Windows 10.


    Ever since the update my fan seems to be continously running and my computer feels very hot and sometimes freezes when I am trying to do a few things.


    I have tried to find driver updates but cannot find my Vaio model - SVE14AE11W.


    I have updated my graphics card.


    My CPU is only running at 6 - 10 %


    This was not an issue before.

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    Hi, I have reinstalled factory settings on my VPCF11M1E after this problem. I now have a Windows 7 with all drivers reset as factory on my VPCF11M1E. The fan is at 100% speed, even in BIOS. It is extremely noisy.I can't downgrade BIOS, I can't control fan speed with SpeedFan or Notebook FanControl. How do I fix the problem? Do I send the computer back to Sony Support? Thanks,Clo

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    sony vaio T seriesmodel: SVT151A11Lproduct name: SVT15115CXS It came with windows 8. I upgraded to 8.1 a couple years ago. I upgraded to 10 about 3/4 months ago. I had it connected to the internet recently and set automatic updates to operate around 2:30 am in the morning. I woke up and saw that an update was going through ( I don't have the update and forget how to look into the system files to find it but can if needed). I tried to use the laptop that night after work and it was frozen. Windows operating system would not work and I kept getting a critical process error. Restart would not work. none of sony's repair options would work. I tried going back to the previous version on the laptop and that did not work. I have the recovery disk but that also would not work. I performed a chkdsk /r on the harddrive and that recovered some bad sectors. I was able to get my files off the harddrive with another computer and am debating whether to go to windows 7 or how to go back

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    When I purchased my VAIO laptop PCG-7171L, VISTA was pre-installed to the recovery partition (access via F10 key during bootup), and I upgraded to Windows 7 (SONY free upgrade) a few months later. How can I update the old recovery partition which has VISTA factory installed to be replaced with my current OS which is windows 7 ?

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    Hi, Updated my Laptop to windows 10, after that if I do not restart the same it does not connect to the wifi.Also it informs that the broadcom is not supported.What is the reason  and how do i resolve this. My Vaio Model Number is SVF142C1WWRegards


    What's the latest? Does it....or does it not work with Windows 10?  I read all about removing,'s compatable, yet doesn't state's 8.1 that should work...10 works....does it or does it not? If so, what's the layman's answer?

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a solution to a problem I have been facing when updating the firmware of my Sony FS5. When I try to update it on my PC it will not recognize it (this is with the AC adapter connected as well as the USB.) I get the connection through on my FS5 LCD saying it is connected, but it will not process onto my computer when going through the firmware update procedure. However, it connects and works fine on a mac. I did previously try connecting it to a mac, but had my battery connected instead of the AC adapter which then popped the message that I needed the AC connected. The only conclusion I can come to is that since the FS5 was first connected to a mac it formatted to a mac. I'm not 100% sure if that is accurate, so I am hoping someone can help me if I need to reset or how to troubleshoot this problem to work on both mac and PC, please! Thank you!

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    Hello everybodyI have KD-43X8305C with firmware version PKG2.287.0010EUB and I can't update firmware with this version anymore, I try with USB stick but no update after many auto reboot.When I try update on line with TV I have "error 2123" (server error) I don't understand causeall online services work good on my TV (youtube, google play..)Notice thaht I live in France.Can Someone help me  Regards

  • Issue#190871: Sony - Windows 8.1 Update

    hi    i have"  Sony  vaio  svs131e21w" laptop which running windows 8.1 enterprise and when i m trying to install windows updates it become to stuck on 75% and take a long time after this it tell me "we could not complete the updates  .undo changes " and take some time . . i checked  found that the issue with update package kb 2919355. so is there any solution for that ?

  • Issue#196008: Sony - Wireless connectivity issues after windows 10 update

    After updating my Sony Vaio to Windows 10, the wireless LAN connection has been weak. The wifi only connects if the laptop is a few meters from the wireless router. I updated the Wireless Network Adapter and changed some network settings in attempts to make the connection faster and stronger. Every other electronic device (cell phones, laptops, tablets) connects perfectly to the wifi, and the problem is only with my Vaio.

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    Hello: I'm really hoping that somebody can help me figure out why the update won't allow me to pick another volume to save the file to. It states that there isn't enough space (it needs 11.8 GB). However, when I select an external HDD and hit Refresh it tells me that I need another 8.99 GB free on C. I also tried saving to the microSD to no avail. Odder yet is that when I go to the Programs Control Panel it states that there is a total of only 1.11 GB of programs installed, and I haven't even had the opportunity to save any files internally yet so how would I even be able to delete an additional 8.99 GB (C says that 8.91 GB is free)? The only things on this PC right now are: iTunes (media is on an external HDD), Evernote, Chrome, Norton, VeraCrypt, Tresorit, and iCloud. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please HELP. Thanks! Model: STK1AW32SCBIOS: 0019Windows 10 v. 1511, 10586

  • Issue#206750: Sony - KLV-32BX320 HDMI update have not resolved audio drop out issue

    I have updated my software firmware as suggested to reolve this issue but whenever I use MHL cable to connect to my tv via HDMI, It works fine but as soon as I start playing audio or video file screen goes blank like switched to another Input medium again and loops same continuously. Please release a new patch or firmware to resolve this issue . Or suggest me any fix possible, I have almost tried everything possible though, Thanx in advance.

  • Issue#217175: Sony - 65in X93 update issue

    I pressed update now button but without internet... Frozed the screen for hours...for fear of overheating i unplugged it from mains because its not responding to anything... Now its not turning on.. Please help... Its brand new Tv

  • Issue#278932: Sony - Vaio pro 13 - WIFI update issue

    Hello Everybody, I own a  VP132A1CM and today I bought a Intel Card 8260 AC to update the range & strenght of the wifi (actual one is 7260).After the installation, it seems that the drivers are not running at all (the device is recognized in windows) so I'm not able to detect any wifi around. I have also try to delete the device manually and delete in the device manager.Uninstall the old drivers and set the new one (18.33.0) as well... no result do anyone have already done this upgrade ?Im out of idea ... Many thanks  

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    Since updating my laptop to Windows 10 I have not been able to scroll a page with both holding down the left corner of my mouse pad while sliding my finger simultaneously up or down the right side of the mouse pad. How do I fix this???

  • Issue#325057: Update drivers info for CC and Windows 10 does not solve issue

    I'm on a Dell computer, 64 bit using Intel HD graphics driver.  I also have a creative cloud subscription.  Up until a few months ago, I was able to use 3d in photoshop and had no other issues with any of the apps.  I started getting an error message upon opening Illustrator which told me that I a driver was out of date.  I foloowed the instructions, followed each link, and did EVERYTHING that ANYBODY suggested in an attempt to solve this problem.  If it is on the internet and related to this subject...I tried it already. So, now I turn to you guys to ask the question that is plaguing my mind for over a month now... WHAT IS WRONG?  Is it a creative cloud issue?  Is it my drivers?  Is it my operating system? Is it me??? I downloaded the Intel update utility... it tells me that it can't find any drivers for my product... but I know they are there because my CC app preferences show that I am using Intel HD drivers.  I also manually up

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    When SONY's on-line instructions to upgrade my VAIO laptop (M/N SVF152190X) from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, step 3.1 directed me to download and run the VAIO Update for Windows 10 Upgrade Tool.  I downloaded it with no problem, but when I ran it I got an error message stating that my model was not supported.  Is there an alternate tool I can download, or can I upgrade to Windows 10 without using the VIAO tool?

  • Issue#344225: Ubnt - Windows 3.2 Update Issue

    We have updated 6 windows Unifi Video nvrs from to 3.2 and have gotten this error on all of them.  [2016-03-24 20:27:54] [debug] ( prunsrv.c:1679) [ 4848] Commons Daemon procrun log initialized[2016-03-24 20:27:54] [info] ( prunsrv.c:1683) [ 4848] Commons Daemon procrun ( 64-bit) started[2016-03-24 20:27:54] [debug] ( prunsrv.c:561 ) [ 4848] Installing service...[2016-03-24 20:27:54] [info] ( prunsrv.c:600 ) [ 4848] Service UniFiVideoService name Ubiquiti UniFi Video[2016-03-24 20:27:55] [error] ( service.c:552 ) [ 4848] The specified service has been marked for deletion.[2016-03-24 20:27:55] [error] ( prunsrv.c:638 ) [ 4848] Failed installing 'UniFiVideoService' service[2016-03-24 20:27:55] [error] ( prunsrv.c:638 ) [ 4848] The specified service has been marked for deletion.[2016-03-24 20:27:55] [error] ( prunsrv.c:1755) [ 4848] Commons Daemon procrun failed with exit value: 8 (Failed to install service)[2016-03-24 20:27:55] [error] ( prunsrv.c:1755) [ 4848] The spec

  • Issue#465600: Sony - Lines in display after Windows 10 update

    Hello all. I've been dealing with this topic for some days now and really need your help. I have a Vaio SVT15112CXS laptop, originally with Windows 8. After I did the upgrade to Windows 10, the laptop was working well until a day or two when the display went mad, out of nothing, and a lot of lines (horizontal and vertical) showed up, making impossible using the laptop (I had to connect it with an HDMI cable to my LCD TV to see and use it). I followed all the steps in the support site and updated all the driviers as asked. I made sure that the graphic/video drivers were updated. But it didn't solve the issue. After several trials with no success, I decided to revert back to Windows 8. Inmediately after I went back to 8, the display started to work perfectly again. After a day or two I had the problem again, same lines appeared all over the display again. I thought it could be a display HW issue, but I repeated the update to 10 and revert back to 8 and the same thing happend: t

  • Issue#550054: Sony - Sony Vaio Duo 13 (SVD13223CXB) Windows 10 Update

    Hi Dear SONY! I wanna upgrade my Sony Vaio Duo13 (SVD13223CXB) to Windows 10.I Checked This link: "Sony does not support Windows 10 for your model, however, if your computer meets the system requirements to run the Windows 10 operating system, you should be able to install Windows 10 on it. Please refer to the Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade page for further information."  and I don't understand whats the problem with my model??I'm using a USA model and other models officially support Windows 10 by youI also checked this link : and I can see win10 64bit option so! whats the answer? are you supporting windows 10 in my model? yes or no (why?)  Thankyou   

  • Issue#565186: Sony - Software Update Issue

    After the recent update my Sony XBR850C seems to be fine with one exception:  The closed captioning is on all of the time no matter what I do.  Any fixes for this?

  • Issue#605286: Windows 10 Update Issue

    I recently updated a workstation from Window7 to Windows 10 and also installed Office 365. Everything seemed to go smoothly aside from a couple of updates that did not want to install. After successfully installing all but one of these updates, I am still unable to view webpages after about 5 minutes post restart. I can ping ip addresses of the webpages, I can ping actual website addresses, but I cannot connect to the site via either Edge or Internet Explorer. Event logs indicate Event ID 10010 "The server {1F87137D-0E7C-44d5-8C73-4EFFB68962F2} did no register with DCOM within the required timeout" Running netsh winsock reset and rebooting fixes the problem in the short term, but did not keep the event or the problem from occurring the rest of the day. My question is, if anyone has seen this behavior before, am I on the right track...

  • Issue#614669: Sony - Can i update a nwz-e364 on windows 10?

    I need help. Should I just buy my dad another mp3 or can I update his old one? Plus how can I take off the music?

  • Issue#638715: Sony - SVE14A27CXH Windoes 10 update issue

    Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8. Downloaded the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, ran it, downloaded 3GB+ data. When I run the installation, it gives me some error or the other. Like - Error during APPLY IMAGE stage or something else. Please help.

  • Issue#641192: Windows 10 MDT 2013 Update 1 Capture Issue

    Hi Spiceheads, I Seem to be having issues capturing and deploying a new Windows 10 Image and sure could use some help.... I keep Getting errors after it has created the wim file and saved it to the deployment Share. Then when I try to deploy said wim, I keep getting errors about it being unable to apply the unattended settings (and thus the deployment fails). I've tried doing a clean image again, I've tried reinstalling the windows 10 ADK. I'm at a loss. The fist image shows the Capture error before I googled the error code and was suggested to activate the OS before capture (not sure why if sysprep removes this info). SO I did, and now I get the error in the second picture. When I try to deploy the wim, I get the 3rd error...