Issue#1986: Sony - Baffling XQD card error

  • I have found some threads similar to my problem but not exactly the same thing. First, some background that may be helpful in troubleshooting, followed by the issue at hand.

    I rented two Sony 128GB G series XQD cards for a project. I am recording UHD in XAVC-I at 24p and 48p.
    One of the cards would not format in-camera. I tried deleting the files in the clip folder (card was near full) and inserting into the camera. The camera then proceeded to format. It gave me some quirky issues later on during recording: reaching max clip number when time was still remaining on the card. Footage was still ingested and the card complied with formatting in camera afte that.

    Last night, I recorded around 30 mins of footage on this card without issue. When turning my camera after a break, I get an "Unknown Media" error message. I turned the camera off and removed the card. My laptop will not recognize the card when trying to mount through the USB card reader. I stil get "Unknown Media" error messages when inserting the card into the camera. My other rented card, has had zero issues.

    At this point, my main concern is getting the footage from the card. I would also like to know if there is something I might have done to contribute to the issue, in order to avoid in the future. Anyone experience this before or know if the footage is retrievable, at least?

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    I use Sandisk (extreme pro) never had issues with them. Took my camera out on a hike (didn't bash the camera against anything (kept it perfectly safe). Took gigabytes worth of photos and videos on my 64GB card, was able to preview photos up until the end of the day when I get a message that read something like:Unable to use memory card. Remove and reinsert and reformat. brought it home and tried inserting it in my computer, computer couldn't even recognize the card. Tried about 5 different software recovery programs nothing. Still unable to reinsert the card succefully in the camera. read in another forum to reformat the card and use a specific recovery program. After reformatting computer recognized the card but nothing on the card. Lost all my photos. why would the camera ask me to reformat a card that previously recorded just fine? The card worked just fine after reformatting. I feel the camera is to blame? Just REALLY bummed I lost a lot of good photos.

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    I bought 2 new sony XQD G series 128GB card for a shoot tomrrow, but both of the cards would not work on my Sony F5. It would let me format but it keeps reading the card as full. I have been using the Lexar 64gb card with no issues. I tried blowing / cleaning the cards and connectors with no luck. It works only with my lexar xqd cards. Any advice? I remember using 128gb sony xqd cards before from a rental and it worked fine. Thanks.

  • Issue#1111815: Sony - unloading clips fromn XQD card with linux

    Hey all, is there any way to unload clips from an xqd card with linux based computer?I dont think it is the same problem like this one: card seems to be mounted as it should. I can see the folder structure (/XDROOT/etc...). But the Clips folder is shown empty if i open it with an file browser. If i try to open the folder by terminal i get an IO error. And the camera is asking to restore the card after mount it with a linux machine. I hope anybody of can help me because it feels like dont beeing a big deal to get this woking. For me it seems like another kind of interpreting the folder structure as it is on XDCAM discs but i dont really know. Im woking now with Ubuntu 15.10 64bit thanks in advance, Michael Schukat 

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    Hello, I recently shot some footage and when reviewing it after I had transferred it to a hard drive I noticed there were huge amounts of distortion within the footage. Which look like distortion lines flashing accross the image making it virtually unusable. It all looked fine in camera (Sony FS7) but once transferred it's gone wrong. Does anyone know of any way to fix this? I still have all the .BIM adn XML filmes with the clips is there any information in there which could help recover it?  Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi, I'm encountering a strange issue when I offload my footage from a Sony XQD 128bg card to a hard drive. Compression lines appear for one frame distorting the image and reoccur throught the whole clip, stanger still is when I take the clip individually I can't see any distortion?? Looking at the footage in Catalyst Browse on the xqd card everyhting is totally fine, it's only after try to batch transfer all the files that I encounter this problem. It's worked absolutely fine with some clips and horribly for others. One day it happens the next it's fine, making the whole workflow pretty nervwracking.    Shooting in CineEI SLOG3 with a baked in rec 709 LUT. Please any help would be great, it's already ruined half a day's shoot I'd love to know what the problem is and how batch this footage off without gettign all the compression artefacts.  For anyone interested here is a link to the original clip and a screengrab: Video:

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