Issue#21710: Forum bug - Select your default screen name

  • This is a bug with the forums not with the game/Beta itself - apologies for posting here, this seems to be the only tech support forum I can post to. Weird.

    Anyway, whenever I'm logged in to the forums (tried with Chrome & FF) and I click on a forum or post, I get a pop up that says "Select your default screen name" but the list is empty and I can't click save. Similarly, if I go into Forum -> Settings -> Edit Screen Names -> Add screen names; a new page opens with the message "A Screen Name must be selected to continue. You may select one here." but again there is nothing to select.

    Help please :)


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#553392: PC cant choose default screen name in the forum.

    cant choose default screen name. the selecting box appears blank. neither is effective changing from settings using IE. so the "choose default screen name" box keeps popping up every time. not even a web page is working as intended? well done bugisoft

  • Issue#638876: Select your default Screen Name

    I know I have seen a few people complain about this but anytime I log into the forums, switch forum, post, read a new message, etc... (essentially anytime a new page loads on the site) I get a pop-up that says "Select your default Screen Name". It happens regardless I am using a computer or mobile device, and happens on EVERY browser. So it's clearly a setting or account issue and not a browser issue. It seems that even UBI support can't help with this because they can't seem to get beyond the "clear your browser cache" suggestion (which I have of course tried).

  • Issue#666143: messagebox issue ( minimized behind my splash-screen by default

    Ok i have a issue witch for the life of me i cant fix it ;(  i have added a splash screen to my program and while going tho i get it to do updater.doupdate(); witch looks for a update on my server and if it is up to date the message box indicating its up to date and fine dont show it minimizes to the taskbar if you click the icon on the taskbar it loads the message box but i want it to by default load ontop of the splash screen i dont know why it wont  public void CheckForUpdates() { try { CleanUp(); WebClient downloadClient = new WebClient(); downloadClient.DownloadFile(UpdateUrl, LocalUpdateFile); downloadClient.Dispose(); if (!File.Exists(LocalUpdateFile)) throw new FileNotFoundException("The local update file is missing!", LocalUpdateFile); UpdateSaveFile localFile = DecodeSaveFile(LocalUpdateFile); Version localVersion = Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().GetName().Version; Version onlineVersion = Version.Parse(localFile.VersionString); if (onlineV

  • Issue#1158519: Gdrive home screen shortcut & default folder issue

    Hi all, apologies if this has been asked and answered already but I can't find anything after searching ( I'm not Google though soaybe a chair keyboard issue)... Anyway, having installed the add-on and successfully connected to my Google drive I decided to add shortcuts to the home menu under Videos, Music & Pictures but when ever I access the add-on this way it defaults to "Videos - gdrive" and subsequently doesn't find any music when I navigate to the music folder in my Google drive as it's in the wrong context. If I access the add-on via the home screen /music / add-ons / gdrive it works in the right context. Also, is there a way of setting a default folder from the home screen icon so when I click music / gdrive I go directly to the music folder instead of having to navigate the folder structure? (This is the second for Pictures also?) Again, apologies if I'm being a numpty.. Cheers, Paul.

  • Issue#1178848: iPhone / iPad screen rotation bug with forum

    When switching from portrait to landscape or vice-versa on either device, a forum page scrolls all the way to the bottom, forcing you to flick back to where you were. Am I the only one getting this?

  • Issue#4597: iPhone 5c: After iPhone 5c Broken Screen Replacement. Camera test issue.

    Hi After screen replacement I can't seem to press or test camera button on lock screen. Please help. Screen seems to work, I can press pass keys or dial keys on lock screen. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#5305: Playstation - screen brightness issue on new ps4

    Hello,Just got  a PS4 and I'm noticing that when the console first comes on, the screen is bright, but then it dims down very dark. It is not my TV, because when I go back to TV or my other ports, the brightness returns to normal. I have tried: 1. Resetting to default settings2. going through the screen and video sections in Accessibility. Still have the issue and can't understand why. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

  • Issue#5469: rMBP screen hole issue.

    Today when I was studying writing programs. I noticed a small area in my 8 weeks old rMBP, with color dropped. I've seen it with other point of view, thus I noticed that area was a hole. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this case of problem? I remember I have brought a protector plan. Can I send my rMBP to apple to repair it? or change it? advance thanks for information.

  • Issue#6805: Samsung Display: Backlight issue: dark semicircle appears on right side of screen

    So this is a second hand Samsung SyncMaster S23B300 (23") HD DVI monitor but worked fine when I first got it, daily use, no issues till recently so hopefully the previous owner didn't know about it. The issue is, when I turn the monitor on after it being off, a dark semicircular shadow radiates from the right side. If I press on the plastic frame, things return to normal, and after a bit of fiddling I can get it stable and make the screen appear normal again. However, this is becoming more frequent and more difficult to remedy each time it happens. It seems like a small issue and I am used to fixing things myself, I can solder etc, but I have no idea how these monitors work. I am under the impression that it could potentially be a capacitor, or even simply some bad connection. Should I just open it up and have a go? Any tips? Pic: Usually forget to take a pic when PC first starts up, so excuse the peek into my Youtube habits. I have noticed its

  • Issue#7482: iPad Pro Screen Issue

    Hi guys, I just discovered a very annoying issue on my iPad Pro's screen: there is a spot in the upper area near isight camera (where the clock is displayed on the lock screen), which reacts with lcd pressure distortion even on lightest touch. With normal tap or stylus distortion gets very visible and annoying. I made some pictures and video, demonstrating that issue. @All iPad pro owners: can you confirm that on your devices or I... iPad Pro Screen Issue

  • Issue#8082: Crazy FPS issue (Bug ?)

    I was playing Project Cars, I suddenly see that FPS indicator (Steam's in-game FPS counter) shows 30-32 FPS, previous time when I played the game it was solid 60 FPS (VSYNC) 72 FPS (no-VSYNC). So when I seen the FPS drop, I alt-tab to desktop to check my Radeon Settings (did not changed anything here), then return to game, and FPS is up to 60 FPS. Its the same for all games I tested. Game loads at nearly %50 FPS drop until I alt tab It comes to normal 60 FPS.Anything wrong with Multisampling ? Using latest AMD (non-beta) driver. Driver Packaging Version15.30.1025.1001-151204a-298676C Radeon Settings Version2015.1204.1216.22046 Graphics ChipsetAMD Radeon (TM) R7 370 Series Graphics

  • Issue#12578: Autodesk - Vault C# WPF multiple screen issue

    I have a Vault WPF .NET C# plugin which opens a wpf window. Now the issue is when multiple screens are connected.WPF plugin opens only in the primary screen. not on he screen where vault is open. Example,Screen 1 is primary screenScreen 2 is where vault client is open When the plugin is fired it always opens in screen 1. I want the plugin to open on the same screen where Vault client is open. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#17990: Wordcloud custom visual issue/bug?

    I'm having an issue when using the 'Wordcloud' custom visual. If I open a report page that contains the Wordcloud visual and then navigate back to a dashboard that has Card tiles, the card numbers appear tiny. Refreshing the browser returns them to normal, but it is frustrating and spoils the user experience when presenting. This happens on IE11, Chrome & Safari. Anyone else seeing the same?    

  • Issue#18100: Notebook - Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

    I am facing weird issue with XPS 15 L501X screen. It displays windows image for 10-15 seconds and suddenly flickers and goes off(LED lights still on). Laptop screen display has lights but no image. I bought new laptop screen but same situation. I am little confused between cable problem or screen or Video chip problem. Observations posted is completely on external TV. Here below complete illustration. We have 4 option in laptop. 1. Disconnect Projector (Computer Only) - Laptop shows nothing.... Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

  • Issue#18552: Geforce - Flickering Screen - Issue still not being resolved after almost a year

    Hi, To all NVIDIA administrators or the team whoever handles the driver development, may I ask for you to read carefully and completely the conversation between me and an NVIDIA support technician below, hoping you can assist us: Chat Terminate the Chat Disconnect Print the Transcript Mute sound. Status: Connected Zia (Listening) Zia: Hi, my name is Zia. How may I help you? Paul Chan: hi, regarding the geforce video card Paul Chan: still there? Zia: Sure, I will be glad to assist you with this Zia: Yes, I am here Paul Chan: delay? Zia: Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience, we are assisting other three customers in parallel, hence it may take some time to respond, we appreciate your patience and cooperation while we provide a response Paul Chan: alright, so summary of my problem, after i install my nvidia graphics card updates from the nvidia geforce experience, everytime i play ANY game, about every 2-3 minutes, my monitor flickers for 2 seconds

  • Issue#19387: [Xbox One] Loading Issue (Bug)

    1. What is the issue you're experiencing? When approaching a contaminated area, nearby the Virus Research mission in Chelsea, the game freezes and then resumes. 2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? Heading towards the mission. 3. Are you able to recreate the issue? Every time. 4. What you done in an attempt to correct this issue? I have died a few times on my way over, so I am able to recreate it each time. Unsure how to proceed to correct the issue.

  • Issue#21563: Select 'WiFi' app as default?

    Short version: In KitKat 4.4.4, how do I set which app ('republicwireless' or 'WiFi') can manually control which hotspot I am connected to?   Long version: My phone automatically switches away from my preferred hotspot to an expensive, powerful

  • Issue#23710: Xbox One: The division beta, bug report: Red screen on respon

    I am posting bug report in this thread because apparently I do not have appropriate permissions to post in the beta thread. Getting red screen After death and respon. only way that I found to clear red screen is restart the game.

  • Issue#25297: beta bug- red screen, game restarts XB1

    since the technical issues board wont be open "until the beta begins" I guess Ill post my bug report here until the forum is ready.... I have had 3 occasions on day one (2 hrs of gameplay) that my screen will turn red when I get overly injured and then stay despite respawns, revives, added health, etc. the only way to make it go away is to restart the game. It is really annoying playing with a red screen for long periods, for no real reason. secondly, two times when trying to join friends it would go to the loading screen, freeze, and the game would go off and I would be sent back to the home screen. Other note, civilian and enemy characters are going to get old VERY fast. I don't know how many times I "killed Alex". I think every bad guy must be named Alex. when every character constantly says the same stuff over and over it takes away from the real feel of the game and cheapens it.

  • Issue#25641: Possible fix for white screen issue upon launching the game

    If you have a problem with a white screen popping up after you launch the game, and then it says 'not responding', delete the entire Tom Clancy's The Division folder in "Documents/My Games" then relaunch the game which will generate a new folder, that should fix it.

  • Issue#26108: ISim issue - bug or feature?

    I am using an FSM in my design, where at each stage it does some computation of the input samples (FFT). Until now, I have been testing it with just a few samples (8). Today I have tried to input 32 samples and all of the sudden following curious behavior of the ISim occurred:   I am using "one-hot" encoding of the FSM (set explicitly through constants), so my first state is 0001, second 0010, etc. When I start my simulation everything looks like it should: I set global reset, all signals get their value and the first FSM state is as it should, i.e. everyone is happy - especially me.      Now, when I move the slide bar a bit to the right, following is occurring:      One of my next_stages values became unknown and if I move slider a bit further...     both next and current states have this value...which is understandable if it would happen not through "slide moving".    Since when I was using just 8 samples, everything

  • Issue#26881: Red screen bug

    Every time I die, and I mean EVERY time I die, I come back with a red haze screen from being downed. The only way it goes away is to log out and back in. This screen makes it very difficult to see players and icons, so its really making life hard in the game.

  • Issue#28600: iPhone 5c: screen issue. Only when home button pressed

    Hi I'm having issues with the screen. When I press on the home button on bottom of the screen water marks appear. Like when you press to hard on laptop screen. But only when pressing the button. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#29113: Issue with Speedfan (changing default fan speed)

     "I swear that when I used to use Speedfan in the past, it would save the start values of..."

  • Issue#29411: Ubnt - Return of the forum logout bug?

    Remember a month+ ago when folks were complaining about having to re-login to the forums on a semiregular basis? Things until recently have been a lot better. But for the last couple of days I keep getting logged out. Anyone else seeing this? 

  • Issue#31090: Division Crash Issue Plus Mouse Bug

    I've now encountered the stupid mouse bug where I can use everything, but my left and right mouse buttons. I also had the game crash to a flat gray screen with a looping glitching-sound that blew my ears out...

  • Issue#31530: Full screen mode issue

    Hi, I have to play in window mode becouse when i'm changing it into full screen, game just goes down to start bar and i can not open it. Any ide how to fix it? Windows 8.1 64bit Inter core i5-5200u Geforce 940m 2gb 8gb DDR3

  • Issue#31917: Sony - Bug: Screen mirroring on a W800C TV stops working after it gets disconnected from its power s

    I'd like to report the following bug I've been able to consistently reproduce on my new KDL55W800C Android TV. 1. Start with a basic set up of the TV from factory settings (I get it connected to my Wifi router but I do not provide any Google account).2. Test Screen-mirroring. I'm using an Android phone and a Windows 10 Surface Pro for this test. It works fine.3. Turn off the TV without unplugging it from its power source.4. Turn it back on and test Screen-mirroring again. It continues to work fine.5. Turn off the TV but this time unplug it from its power source.6. Plug the TV back into its power source.7. Test Screen-mirroring. This time, despite my phone and Surface Pro can "see" the TV (the TV being in "Screen mirroring" as INPUT), when they try to connect to it, the connection can't be established. When it works (steps #2 and #4 above), the "Screen mirroring" screen on the TV moves on to a progress image where it displays the name of the device trying to connect. When it d