Issue#22: Tableau - average by day of week for dates within parameter range

  • i would like to calculate the average Revenue by day of week for the parameter range (Baseline End and Start):


    if ([Baseline End] >= [RevenueDate] AND [Baseline Start] <= [RevenueDate])

    and [DayOfWeek] = 'Monday'

    then { AVG([Revenue]) }





    i seem to be getting more days then just Monday...?




    thank you.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#204760: Tableau - Parameter control date as Day/Week/Month

    Hi All, I am using date as Discrete value, and created a paramter to control the aggreation value based the parameter selection. Like if the value in the Parameter is selected Week, output should show the sum of Week of that particular Week. So at a time one Week value will be shown.  Regards,Manish

  • Issue#880374: Tableau - Changing starting day for week issue

    Hi, I am trying to create some weekly summaries based on week starting on Friday. I want to set up sum WINDOW_SUM functions using number of weekday. However when I use DATEPART function it is not changing and always showing Sunday s day 1.I use following function: DATEPART('weekday',[date],'friday'). I have also tried chaning Date Properties for the data source to start week on Friday but still nothing.Date that is downstreaming in the SQL I am using is date + time, I have change format in Tableau to show only date.Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?My version of Tableau is 9.1.2, 64-bit.  Adam

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    What is the syntax to create a calculated field for  the below parameter, here the range of value is from 'Set from Field'  Thanks.

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    Hi All, I got issue with parameter where iam trying to find 'sales' of Sub-category for Last >15days,>30days,>45days from today date. So i created a parameter for 15days,30days and 45days and i wrote calc like if [Days] = "15 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 15 then "Show"elseif [Days] = "30 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 30 then "Show"ELSEIF  [Days] = "45 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 45 then "Show"ELSE "Hide" END  but above calc is not affecting view and i attached twbx file so can someone pls look into my issue and correct me where iam making erro (twbx file is in 9.1version)  Thanks

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    Hello, I want to represent multiple curves on one table : absciss = each days J, ordinate = number of active users.Each curve group the number of active users in a range of X days preceding the day J.The goal is to have 3 curves with X = : 1 day, 7 days and 30 days.And something that looks like this : The difficulty is to avoid counting multiple times the same user in the range, Do you have any solution ? Thanks.

  • Issue#185647: Tableau - Dates Issue Aggregate and Non-Aggregate Arguments

    I took over a few reports and have been checking them over.  They used  IF [Cont Begin Date - Formatted]< Date(‘2/1/2016’), that being the date of the source date, which is a manual pull.  I would like something similar to  IF [Cont Begin Date - Formatted]< MAX([Date of Action]), MAX([Date of Action]) would return 2/1/16 as there are actions every day.  Of course this won’t work since it is doing aggregation and non-aggregation.  Any ideas on a work around?   Desktop 9.0 and sample workbook attached.    Thanks

  • Issue#218841: How to calculate an average of sales for the last 4 days of a specific day of week

    Hi everybody ! I hope I will be clear I have a database of all the sales in a restaurant per day (one row correspond to one item ordered so I have a lot of rows for one single day).I have added a column with the weekday and I know my last day (which corresponds to my max(date) of my last actualization, so now my last day is Thursday March, 3rd -> weekday 4)I want to compare my sum of sales of my last day, which is Thursday (I have already this measure), to the average of sum of sales for my 4 last Thursdays (not always Thursday). What I have done for the moment is dividing the sum of my sales for all my thursdays (here 950K) by the number of thursdays from my database (44) but it is obviously not the good average and not what I want at the end... ï»¿   Thanks a lot for your help !     

  • Issue#465136: Tableau - Color legend range values change dynamically depending on parameter

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to have the color legend values change depending on whatever parameter is chosen?   For example my data lists the 50th percentile and 90th percentile for a given data set.  I created a parameter for the user to select whether they want to see P50 or P90.  The color legend automatically updates based on the data but I would like to set a range for each percentile.  I'd like P50 to be start and end using different values than P90 as data within P90 are much greater. Example: P50 range for my color legend would be:Start = 20,000End = 25,000 P90 range for my color legend would be:Start = 60,000End = 75,000 I've attached a packaged workbook with some sample data.

  • Issue#532741: Issue with Day Of Week not calculating correctly

    Probably a newby questions-But since I am a newby that is ok, her goes. I have created a Date table and created a relationship with a "Date Requested Field", This field contains date and time and is formatted as a Date/Time field.  Whenever I use the  DayOfWeek field from my Date table only dates that occurred at 12:00:00 AM are counted, all others for instance those with 01:00:00 AM or any other time other than 12:00:00 AM are counted under (Blank), any ideas? 

  • Issue#743113: Tableau - Need to setup a start limit to a range-of-dates filter

    Dear forum, In the attached workbook I need to find a way to set up a lower limit to the time range. In this case the range is from 3/19/2016 to 6/7/2016.In order for Tableau not to read all the available data, I want to set things up so that the range available goes back one moth from today's date but I am still able to select a range. In this case the range would be 5/7/2016->6/7/2016. Tomorrow the range will be 5/8/2016->6/8/2016. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#851487: Tableau - Week start Date on date range slider filter

    Hello Everyone, I have a dashboard which refreshes weekly. I am trying to provide the user with date range slider filter but i am unable to set date values to be displayed as the start date of the week. For example-: date range should consist of values like -> (#01/01/2016#,#07/01/2016#,#14/01/2016#) I tried creating a calculated field using datetrunc('week',[Date]) but still it slides through the complete range of intermediate dates between max-min date range.

  • Issue#924428: Tableau - Seeking assistance on converting Dates (exact) to Day 1, Day 2, ...

    Hello all, My issue is related to converting dates. I have a data set of Job Postings that have a 30 day life cycle. I would like to look at which days of the life cycle perform the best based on applications. The issue I have is that all of the job postings do not start on the exact same date. My data includes the start date, the end date, and each date that received an application (so there are dates with no data). I would like to make the exact date irrelevant and show only Day 1 of job life all the way through Day 30. Could anyone assist with an equation that could be used here? I am stumped at this point and would appreciate any assistance. Thanks. In this screenshot we see the unique job ID, the start date, end date, and each date the job received an application. I would like to make the start date day 1 for my analysis and then the next day to be day 2 ect.. Tommy

  • Issue#943732: Tableau - Data Blending Help - suspect Dates causing issue

    Hi everyone,  Wanted to see if someone can kindly review my workbook.  I am having trouble Data Blending two different tables to do a Travel Expense budget analysis comparing budget estimates versus Actual results.   In the worksheet tab called 'budget v actual (BLEND)' the values for Values_Actual are way off.  I suspect that this pertains to a blending issue regarding Dates.  In the Budget data source, a date calculation is used whereas the Actual travel expense data sources uses actual dates when the expense occurred. Any help is greatly appreciated as always!! - Dario  Attached is the workbook for your review.

  • Issue#944387: Average Number of People per Day of Week

    Hi all, I have a list of people names along with the dates that they are onsite for (I work for a mining company). What I would like to do is summarize this data by calculating the average number of people onsite for each and every day (ie Sun, Mon, ...) over a filtered timeframe. My data looks something like this: I would like to produce a graph that shows the average number of people onsite for each day of the week with filters (slicers) below it for Year, Quarter, Month, etc I'm new to Power BI and am excited at the possibilities!  Many thanks in advance.

  • Issue#1041509: Tableau - Date range / parameter

     In the above picture, I need to show the total apps which is 2832 for all the dates but a running total for the new accounts. Also I need to show it based on the dates mentioned.For example, if i mention 11th June i should get the apps as 2832 but the accounts should be sum of those dates. Thanks,Sarath

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    Hi team.,Below are the Formatting issues which I am facing related to my MakeoverMonday Week 32 Viz  Country name present on the top of my heading and country name present on my tool tip are not matching . Below boxes( From row 3) are not showing the country name as their heading

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    PeopleGood Afternoon!  I did a double axis chart and would like to include the day of the week in X axis information (beyond the day that is already included).  By adding the day of the week, the green line was not continuous.  Could help me, please? Thanks!!!  

  • Issue#1129480: Tableau - Displaying Rolling average and most recent week side by side

    I am trying to create a Tableau sheet that displays the most recent week's data side by side with the rolling 13 week average in order to show the difference. I have been able to get a temporary view that displays all 13 weeks and then calculates the average of the displayed columns and makes an average bar next to it. It would be great if the 12 other weeks could somehow automatically be hidden rather than manually hiding them each time.  Here is an example of what I am trying to build.

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    Hello All, I have date field as a number. I want to convert a date to a specific day of the week. Please advise. I would appreciate the help. Thanks GGoraya

  • Issue#8: Tableau - Calendar date parameter

    I need to count a number of open Help Desk incidents for any single day during any date range.For each incident I have Date_Opened and Date_Closed.I want to create a Calendar Date parameter, for each day in a date range I need to calculate the number of incidents, that have been opened before this day and either closed after this day of never closed. Please let me know if you have any ideas.Thank you,Hannah

  • Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

  • Issue#26: Tableau - envoke calculation for records between date parameter

    I have two parameters for the user to select a Start and End date. for all the records between these two days, I would like do a calculation (let's start with the total of sales - but in the big picture, I have a number of calculated fields that I would like to "run" for only the records between the dates selected in the parameters). ??? thank you.

  • Issue#28: Tableau - How to find Total till YTD minus 1 day

    I have to select YTD in the date filter mandatorily as i want to find total since the beginning of the current year But I want to find the total till YTD - 1. Can anyone assist. Regards,

  • Issue#38: Tableau - Iterative Printing / PDF Creation Using Filter or Parameter

    Not having this has made life miserable this week. We need to have the ability to iteratively print a dashboard or view based on stepping through values in a filter or parameter. This would resolve scenarios where you want to be able to easily print (or PDF) several copies of the same dashboard / view with different content. In my scenario, I have a dashboard that can be filtered by hospital. In order to create a printable PDF for our CEO, I have to create/maintain 5 versions of the same dashboard (one for each hospital). If I could iteratively print, I would just set the iteration on the facility field and only maintain 1 dashboard. P.S. Iterative subscriptions would also be a positive. You could even allow the remembered views to be used as the iteration field.

  • Issue#73: Tableau - Pass-through number format for calculated fields based on a parameter

    When using a parameter to dynamically select fields with multiple number formats, let the final display format be based on the underlying field number format, instead of forcing the number format to be set on the calculated field that does the CASE selection. For example:  Field A: Percentage  Field B: Currency  Field C: Integer Create a parameter called "Select field for axis:" that lists "Field A", "Field B", and "Field C" as options. Then create a calculated field with a case statement for each field, and put that on the chart axis. Currently, you have to set the number format on the calculated field, which is going to be right for one field, but wrong for the other two fields. Instead, let the calculated field number format be based on the underlying field being used, so if the user selects Field A, the axis and tooltip show percentages; Field B, currency; and Field C, whole numbers. This would really help for highly interactive dashboards making

  • Issue#107: Tableau - Count Number of Changes per day?

    Hi, I have a time series of stock ratings that range in value from 1 to 5. I'd like to count the number of changes per day--in other words I want to know the number of stocks that experienced a rating change during each day. It seems simple but I can't quite figure out how to make it work.  Would appreciate any tips! Thanks!

  • Issue#556: Tableau - Multiple Data Source Filtering Using Different Dimension than Parameter's

    Hi all, I’ve got a dashboard that has numerous sheets on it from multiple data sources. I’ve used a parameter to allow me to filter across all the data sources at once. The problem is, the dimension that I’ve used for my parameter is a product code that people can’t use for searching. What they need to use is the product name, but this product name dimension is in only one of the data sources. So is there a way for the user to select a product name in a quick filter on the dashboard and have all the vizzes change, even though it's the product code parameter that's filtering all the sheets?  Thanks!

  • Issue#3839: Radio Control - SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw Range issue

    Hi! i am very new to Quad flying and am having a little trouble with my FPV Setup, i purchased the Quanum V2,, and the Quanum Nova quad, been having heeps of fun flying but when i tried to get the goggles to work i was getting less than 15m without the no signal warning, i have the Transmitter mounted inside the quad with the antenna poking out between the two front rotors, ( i can post a pick if you need) is there something interrupting the signal because of this mounting point? when i am next to the drone the signal is clear as day without much static at all, any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!!!

  • Issue#11869: Tableau - Data Difference for of 2 Dates

    I feel like this could easily be answered using an LOD expression, but I haven't gotten the answer I need by the trials I've done. I have a date field.I have a measure field.I need to calculated the difference of one date's corresponding measure value from another date's corresponding measure value. Is this less difficult than I am making it?I appreciate any suggestions!