Issue#228: Android - Lock screen pin keys slow response

  • Not sure if this is an S6 issue or android related, but the keypad for the pin on the lock screen is very slow in registering taps. It comes down to 2 issues – if I go too fast it misses registering one of the pin#s, and/or it has a very small area where a # can be touched.

    I don’t have this problem with any other part of the phone (i.e. when it is unlocked) – everything else responds as expected to my touch in the OS or any apps. Even after a full reset back to stock this persists.


    Lock screen pin keys slow response

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    I setup a 4 digit pin code to unlock my home screen, and I want to remove it, but I cannot figure out how. This tutorial shows me the steps: But when I get to the last step to select "NONE" it is not clickable. I see it, just cannot click it? Any idea? Thanks

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    I somehow mistakenly confirmed screen lock pin and now do not remember the pin that I had put without my conscience. I use Android 5 version Lollipop , model CLoud power plus of Intex. Tried almost all methods. Android device manager, but it doesn't help as my device isn't located and hence I am getting no response. I tried calling from another number but whenever I tried to go back immediately my phone again asks for pin. Factory data not possible , cause I am unable to reach to my settings button. Please suggest any other hack or suggest something very useful to bypass Android's lock screen pin.

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    Is there a way to keep the lock screen on longer? It seems to turn off within about 5 seconds sometimes, though at other times it may stay on for maybe 15 seconds. Sometimes, I turn it on, but before I can swipe or fingerprint the device, the screen is already off again.

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    Can somebody please check what the criteria for the lock screen password is please. Does it require a symbol A number Lower case Upper case How many characters I've forgotten my lockscreen password and I've tried all my passwords. The criteria might help me remember what I changed.

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    Hi I have Fedora 23 installed on my Asus Laptop. My problem is the following. After the desktop is inactive for 5 minutes, it becomes black (Only the mouse cursor is appearing). Then, if a touch a keyboard button or a mouse, the screen lock appears. I expected that the screen will become black after certain time inactivity. But this is not the case. I looked for similar problems in forums and I did not find somethings relevant. Any Help or suggestion is appreciated. Thaks in advance. By the way, I am using Gnome 3.18.2. I have also KDE Desktop and MATE Desktop installed on my system. Thanks in advance

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    Hello all, Every time I open my camera and toggle front face camera all it shows is a white screen. The options are all there and the rear facing camera works fine. I have googled the issue and cant seem to find anyone with the same issue just people who have black screens or errors saying... Front Camera Issue's (white screen- no errors)

  • Issue#99444: Android - Google Now widget not updating and smart lock issue

    Google Now widget will work for a few days then it just stops updating. Long press of the home button does nothing to fix this. Smart Lock trusted places does not recognize when I am home, even though it is set this way.

  • Issue#101834: Android - Spotify lock screen

    Hi, I have a problem, I have installed spotify on my mobile, I am premium, but when I lock my screen, I can't switch songs or stop/play or whatsoever. Only when I scroll down to notifications, I can switch songs. But I would really like to have my spotify on my lock screen. Any ideas?

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    Hi, Can you recommend an app that will display missing calls/texts alerts on the lock screen.....? Preferably free, but I am willing to pay if it is good. Thanks, -BBDS

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    Hello there, its the Celestial Crown Prince of Canada here.I've been a loyal user of HP Consumer-Level Laptops for 2 years.It seems that there is a screen display issue with my Laptop.For myself, this is the first time an issue of this kind has occurred. For some reason, during my current(well, now its my last) session, my screen went totally blank on me and turned black, as if the laptop was in an off sort of power state, however, the laptop power was still on and before the issue suddenly decided to happen in front of my very eyes, I had been using the laptop, and was even working on doing some coding...some of you may know me as the creator of the Celestial Crown System.ini Configuration File.Apparently, this is a known HP Laptop Issue, and I'm not sure if HP is actively focusing on fixing the issue so that it does not become an inconvenience to other HP Laptop users or buyers.Is there any known solution as to how to fix this sort of issue? This is very critical, and I was in t

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    the option to click "none" for no lock screen is now grayed out. I don't know what to do. I know I should post this in the LG styro forum, but there is a lot less traffic there, & I need this resolved quickly.

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