Issue#2359: Blackberry - Passport and Showbox

  • Is any one out there using Showbox on your Passport successfully?

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  • Issue#141746: Blackberry ID issue BB Passport

      Hi, I recently purchased a BB Passport and when configuring it I totally forgot that I had to use the Blackberry ID I already had, and so created a new one and use that one to configure my new purchase. When trying to get the info from my Password keeper, I quicly realised the error and so tried to log in with my old Blackberry ID on my Passport. Unfortunately it said that  I had to log with the ID I had used to configure it, so decided to delete this ID with the link provided to confirm email when I created it. So now, I couldnt use neither of them, the new or the old. Decided try to recover the new one but now it doesnt work. How can I reset my Passport to factory setting? So that I can start all over nd use the right Blackberry ID (the old one)??? Please help

  • Issue#204987: Blackberry Passport power issue

    Hello, I am facing issue with Blackberry Passport silver edition for which has automaticly shutdown and i can't turn it on any more. I tried to charge it using a wall charger with no results. Thank you for your help.

  • Issue#239281: Spotify - Blackberry Passport Issue

    Help - Spotify worked great on my Blackberry Passport until yesterday; when the app told me it could no longer load, and suggested I reload the app.  When I tried that, it no longer loads!  I've tried AppStore and Google Play.  Anyone experience this issue? ï»¿

  • Issue#502750: Blackberry - Black Berry Passport Silver Audio Issue

    Hello Does anyone have an issue with a blackberry Passport silver where when the audio les  using the "Sunrise" alarm tone, using theBB  Alarm clock app? Resently the Audio has been making a crakling sound only with this app and Sound effect. Other sounds effects are okay and the BBVE audio test is okay. Any help would be appreciated? Motoki

  • Issue#520192: Blackberry passport SE antenna issue, signal stretch

    Hello!  I accidentally dropped the phone on the bottom left corner on the tile floor. After that i haven't signal in one place (in this place signal not very strong on other phones, but it exist). As i understand, antenna located in bottom part of phone, where speakers are located.  Can it be antenna problems? Whether the antenna may be difficult to receive the signal? Or antennsa simply works or not? Where can i buy replacement part? I'm from Latvia and we haven't official BB dealer   Thanks a lot!

  • Issue#707722: Blackberry - Group Text Message issue (duplicate to myself) with Passport Silver

    I upgraded from a blackberry torch 1.5 months ago.  Torch worked great.  When I am in a group conversation with people, everytime I respond back, I get my message back as a new text message within the group. I am with AT&T and they had me on the phone for over 1 hour and couldn't figure out.  My IMEI is correct with them but the picture of the phone itself does not show up on my profile.  Everytime I change it to a Passport, it goes back to a generic phone.  However, when I called them, they do have my correct IMEI so this could not be the issue. I did several google searches but didn't find anything. My routing preference is:  Circuit SwitchSend Text only messages as:  AUTOMATICRETRIES = 3 The problem is that when I am in an active group chat, I get a duplicate of my own message. For example, I reply to someone's message and it shows up as sent. Just a few seconds later, I receive my own message with my phone number in place o

  • Issue#906505: Blackberry - Passport SE freezing issue, unable troublshooting

    I have two q30, black and SE. OG black one is perfactly fine, but silver edition has some serious issues. I had tried everything I could(reset, factory reset, whatever it takes), but it keeps happening. os version is, build 875724 The issue is that my pp se keep freezes on touch screen. It all occures randomly, sometimes touch screen doesnt work on lockscreen, but keypad works.  I can unlock with u+enter, but still, touch does not work. to resolve this problem, I simply turn the screen off/on with power button(not reboot) than, touch comes back. or while using apps( bb apps or android apps) touch screen stop working, but keypad still working. by turning screen off and on with power button solves the touch issue, but it is very annoying. I though this comes with lcd conector probem, so I opened up back cover, and reconneced touch screen cable. well, problem still remains. this touch error appears 1~2 times every hour. doe any

  • Issue#1015133: Skype - downloading issue with Skype on Blackberry Passport

    I have a Blackberry Passport with Blackberry 10. On my old Passport I have Skype. On my new Passport I'm unable to download it. I'm told that Skype is available for Blackberry 10 (on the Skype website) and I click on 'Get Skype for Blackberry'm. I'm taken then to the Amazon Appstore where it says that Skype is only available for Android phones. I can't find Skype in the Blackberry store or Blackberry World either. It works on my old Passport fine and the software is exactly the same. Can anybody point me in the right direction please? Or let me have a download link that isn't the Amazon Appstore. Thank you. 

  • Issue#1108581: Blackberry - Sync issue with BB Passport - Contacts don't sync amymore

    Hi, BB user for years.  For some reason my contacts are no longer syncing with my Outlook.  Calender works fine.  I use Exchange.  Sync Contacts in "on" in my account.  Not sure if adding an app caused this. Any help would be appreciated. Arthur

  • Issue#2242: Blackberry - Passport 2 suggestions

    Plz include Android OS in Passport 2 but without QWERTY keys

  • Issue#2364: Blackberry - Passport password reset

    Hello, A message indicating my workspace password had expired, I changed it, but it did not work, and kept prompting me to change password which I did. After a few unsuccessful attempts I went to device password and changed that, and then went back to workspace password and still indicates password expired. I used the device password but was not successful. On my 7th try. Could not find where to make device and workspace passwor

  • Issue#2877: loose panel on BlackBerry Passport Silver

    HiMy Passport which I received as a gift at Xmas has a noisy/squeaky lower panel just below the keypadCan I get it repaired it really annoying

  • Issue#2878: Blackberry - Folder Management Issues - Passport

    I recently picked up a Passport and I am unable to sync it to one of my email accounts. The sync worked fine with my Q10 and my provider gave me the settings that they say should work but I still get the ``Folder management is not supported for this account`` message. Any suggestions Thanks

  • Issue#4887: Blackberry - Use of OneNote on Passport

    I have downloaded the Andoid App OneNote and it was working fine when I inadvertantly deleted the app. Now when I try to download it again it just invites me to 'open' the app - but the Icon is not showing on my Passport. Any thoughts please as to how I can either delete the app properly and start again or reinstate the Icon. Thank you. 

  • Issue#7463: Blackberry ID issue

    I have attempted to sort this too many times and support on Twitter... which I do use, keeps saying they do not understand. I have a blackberry Z10, when I first set up my ID the contact e-mail address was for the business I worked for. I have not worked for that business for 4 years. I keep being asked to verify my Black Berry ID, the e-mail address is no longer valid, I will not see a reply, I now have a warning saying if the next attempt is incorrect, I will be unable to use black berry ID for 15 minutes???? All I want to do is change my ID e-mail address How do I do it?

  • Issue#9368: Problems with date and time on Blackberry Passport

    Hello!I have problems with my Blackberry Passport.For couple times in a day it changes itself. As a result my hub doesn't work, i do not receive new messages, i can't send messages! Last time i made correct settings didn't help. Although everything is correct neither hub nor phone isn't working. I tried making different settings, tried to restart hub, tried to restart phone. but it doesn't work. I really need your help because i just can't use my phone and nobody can connect with me. I didn't drop the phone. I know that these problems are connected with date and time because since first problem with hub and messages occured i saw that date and time were wrong, changed them to correct and everything went well. I don't understand why it doesn't changing now. Can you tell me what to do?

  • Issue#11472: Blackberry - Passport Frozen

    My Blackberry Passport froze completely any suggestion how to get it goining again? 

  • Issue#13966: Blackberry - Bricked Red passport with Win10 'Link' issues ??? :(

    Im at wits end ... suddenly my beutiful red passport i bought in full less than 6 months ago, suddenly started failing me for some reason - would charge, suddenly reboot. Unable to fix it, it was suggested to me(via this forum) to do a factory redo ... no big sure ... at the end of the redo, i get a message on the sceen "www.bberrorcom/bb10-0015". So, now i need to re load the OS ?! ... but i have a new lap top with win 10 but the laptop wont 'link' to the phone with BB link..... waatdaafk?!!! amazing phone to square red coaster in mint condition in 20 minutes.   seroiusly, im more than stumped and have that sick kicked in the stomach feeling going from an amazing and cared for phone with nothing added out of the ordinary to 0. All built for BB apps, my main communcation tool, massive sd(not full ... had a clean phone ... then all this happend.  Please, BB pros ... i need help.  

  • Issue#14321: Blackberry - double tap on PassPort keyboard for moving selector not working

    Some time last week, I noticed whilst double tapping my PassPort's keyboard the circle selector didn't appear and thus unable to select words. I had to manually tap the screen and thus the word with my finger. A reboot fix the issue, but this was worrying as I seem to be getting a lot of weird issues lately.

  • Issue#14322: Blackberry - PassPort bends? apparently it can.

    My PassPort fell out of my hand last week, and now bottom left hand side of the screen is loose, I have to constantly press it down. I put it down on a straight table and pressed down the opposite sides and noticed that the top left and bottom right rocks as if the bottom is bent. I've since pressed them down simultaneously on my leg and now the screen longer as open as it was.

  • Issue#14323: Blackberry - my PassPort issues continue... pressing app icons dont work

    Yesterday, I had an issue whereby I press on an app icon but nothing happens, any app. Even when opening up the Hub and tapping on anything, nothing. An once again, I had to reboot and all was fixed, seems BB10. Now same as BBOS, w.r.t rebooting to fix issues!

  • Issue#23756: Blackberry - Personal Passport, Work Z30 - Questions before I get started.

    My Q's are about how to best set-up my new Passport (Personal Sim) with Z30 (Work Sim).  GOAL - have all things running through My Passport (Personal Sim) while forwarding calls from Z30 (Work Sim) seeing as I only use calls for communication with work. (May in the future connect the work email) for now it is ok on Z30.  History - Got a Z30 from work about 4 months ago (LOVED IT!).  I have basically linked everything (emails, social media, apps) personal to it and gave it a test drive including Blend.  Company has BES so I switch back and forth on OS (Personal to Work) on (Work Sim) device.  I have a life on my (Personal Sim) and need to keep the number (daily driver).  I only communicate with about 12-15 by phone with loads of emails from a large company on (Work Sim). I would like undo what I have done with the Z30 (emails, social, apps which should be easy) but Blend?. If I in the future decide to get the work emails to my

  • Issue#24063: Blackberry - Issue with

    Hello upgraded my Z10 to latest OS release and saw that in App Manger the option allow to install 3rd party apps is blocked? It states blocked by administrator? This is a personal phone from day one. Has anybody else seen this? On Passport SE from ShopBlackBerry purchased a month ago holding out to install this latest OS!

  • Issue#25392: Blackberry - Messenger Emoji Issue

    I am experiencing an issue where emoji are shown in the hub view but when you open the SMS message to view in greater detail or reply, then emoji are not recognized in Messenger.I have tried a few different text apps as well to see what happens and the same effect is seen.I have tried a few Web sites that show emoji and confirm what can be recognized by your phone and all emoji are recognized by my phone.Any suggestions. This is more annoying than functional...Regards...

  • Issue#34574: Blackberry - switching devices from one passport to another

    i switched from my se passport to my red one. now im having a problem with bbm. i can see my groups but i cant get any notifcations from them and cant see new content being posted., i can however bbm an individual contact. what i have noticed is that when switching devices i didnt get the proper message that asked if i wanted to switch my bbid to the new device. on my other phone which i have another id i dont see my passport on the member list of the group but on the red passport i see myself as a member and admin. i tried the switching the time of the device and i also tried erasing bbm via parental controls. does anyone else have any ideas how i can invoke a proper bbm transfer going forward? Thanx in advance 

  • Issue#36298: Blackberry - problem wiping my passport

    i have BB passport i wipe it but it still wiping for 2 days and still 98%what i can do and is this problem in all passports plz anyone answer me coz i'm getting crazy nd i hate my device

  • Issue#39936: BlackBerry Passport: volume up, mute and volume down buttons are not working.

    i am ready to go crazy. initial issue was volume up button was the only one that didn't work, took it to a tech place and they said it was a hardware issue and they couldn't find the piece. i went online and it seemed possible that it was a software issue. in the meantime Rogers (Canada) said it wasn't my phone because the ie number was different. i said they were sending me bills without any problem... anyways, I'm not suicidal but I'm inches from giving up and changing inept phone companies... and phone types. I am now beside myself as the 2nd tech company I went to seems to have made the mute and volume down buttons also inoperable. So, what's my next step?

  • Issue#40935: BlackBerry Passport: Rear camera doesnt focus

    My blackberry passport camera doesnt focus how can i fin it?

  • Issue#43788: problem with my BlackBerry Passport memory erase

    Make erasing memory in my pasaport, and it has taken a long time for a day not passing 97% after a day he overcame it, and today is day that takes one week borrandose and does not exceed 99% I can do? I have no warranty.