Issue#2476: Marketplace Forum Query

  • I am trying to reply to someone who is selling something in the marketplace here.

    However, it seems I cannot respond to the thread. It also seems, if I send a private message, it's not in my sent messages so I doubt it's gone through.

    What must I do to be able to post/reply in the forum and has my private message been delivered?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#108729: Autodesk - Map Query issue.

    I have contours that I brought in from a shapefile that have elevations under object data. I'm working to do a map query to bring the contours to the correct elevations. This is my first time working with a map query. I've read many posts and different articles explaining it and it seems relativly stright forward.I've attached something I found on a different post that has steps for something simmilar to what I'm trying to do. When it comes to step 6 and defining the query, I don't get a window but rather everything is through the command line. So instead of being able to chooose object data it asks me to type in the expression.  Thanks for any help in advance.

  • Issue#226275: Lenovo - New Lenovo Forum TIme /DAy issue

    I have my Timezone set as Central, but all the posts are reading one DAY behind - all today's posts (on the Friday, March  4th) are showing as the March 3rd. The hour and AM/PM are correct. Cross-posted, I just found this.

  • Issue#226909: Need help to get unbanned from a forum (legit issue)

    I hope people see this and dont dismiss me as one of those VAC banned scums. I have an actual problem here. i got banned for a minor infraction (mentionning a key reseller in the forum) and i got a 24hour ban from the forum. Im not arguing against that, i guess i deserved it. i didint minded too much, it was on the division forum and that palce was getting crazy with trolls. But that was 2 weeks ago and i still havent been unbanned :confused: I tried contacting the mods throught the "moderation messages" thingy on the right panel as was instructed by someone else but im getting zero response. Help please ? game's launching soon and i decided to buy it. id kinda like to be able to chat over there :(

  • Issue#230339: Ubuntu - Fedora forum issue

    Saw this over at Wilders ... Thought I'd post it here just in case: Forum attack alert!

  • Issue#295053: Correct forum for connectivity issue

    Hi: New here. Can someone please tell me which forum would be best for posting a wi-fi connectivity issue with my Macbook? Thanks LordBlarg

  • Issue#317272: Giffgaff - Mobile version forum issue?

    Is there some issue with using the mobile version of the forum? The arrow is missing next to where you change the drop-down page no. so you're stuck on page 1.

  • Issue#334035: Ubnt - Forum issue

    There is no forum for AirCam discussions?

  • Issue#346557: How do I open new post in marketplace forum section?

    Can someone assist me in how to post a WTB thread in the marketplace ive read the guidelines but i dont see the button to post a new post Im using pc not the app

  • Issue#347967: Forum issue

    Having odd issues. I received an odd temp ban earlier for posting 5 times in 10 minutes. Guess it's an overly harsh anti spam preventative measure, but whatever. I was out for about 1-2 hours for it to reset, no big deal. Oddly, though, it deleted ALL of my posts, forum topics I created looking for answers, etc. It basically reset my account back to 1, even deleting posts from other game threads. Anyone able to look into this?

  • Issue#404791: Autodesk - Forum Issue

    When I go to the Autodesk Foum and try to change any search criteria(date added, kudoed...etc) or change the organization of the list(by date, by likes...etc) all the responses disappear. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks,

  • Issue#494530: Giffgaff - Issue with the mobile forum

    Currently using Firefox to browse the site, and in mobile view it's not showing usernames on posts. Is it just me?

  • Issue#559882: Performance issue with Direct Query with SQL Azure

    Hello, I have a transaction table and Date Dimension table where month name in date dimension table is formatted as MMM-YY. I want month name to be sorted by date (Jan-15/Feb-15/Mar-15/Apr-15 and so on...), with import data I can do the data modelling but seems like modelling is not possible with direct query. Real question is what is the alternate to sort this month name field by date? Tnanks,P

  • Issue#604410: Tiagong degree forum got new saga on the FT PR issue

    As above....

  • Issue#604581: Forum Issue: Can't send PM

    I know this is the wrong thread but there is nowhere else to post this.. I am unable to send PMs to users. When I go to send a PM it says "You do not have permission to access this page" but my account has already been activates. Why is this?

  • Issue#605276: Autodesk - Forum website issue: search doesn't allow spaces

    Searching from the "Search this board" field on the forum treats spaces as %20. See the screenshot. If you search for the same term (in this case "render gallery") in the search field that the search results provides, it works.

  • Issue#644163: Azure DW Direct Query Performance Issue

    Hi,I have designed few reports which fetches data directly from Azure DW.While deploying i have selected use cloud connection insted of gateway as I though both being MS cloud offering they might talk well together directly.So far on desktop everything had worked pretty much well except few instances of errors. Once i deployed on power BI web I'm having almost 75% error rate. usual error:Couldn't load the data for this visual Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again later.Please try again later or contact support and provide the following details to help resolve your issue faster.Show technical details I'm not able to understand what the issue is here. Any help on this? Thanks,Dilkush 

  • Issue#675967: Asus - Forum Issue ?

    I keep getting 'trapped' in India. ??? (Regional doesn't list North America there) No permission to PM members or post. btw. Where did 'Forum Feedback', Report Bugs, etc. go ? I noticed the last time I was on that where in the forum a post was located under new posts was missing. (Perhaps the txt color is black. idk) I am on the NA forum for this post now, I hope, but when I right clicked Forum to open a new tab to confirm 'black txt' comment, I was back in India. Nice job on the new forum, btw, 'we' know from last time that these things take time to 'iron' out and Now the Forum is 'Uge'. .c.

  • Issue#720870: Sony - how long it will take to attend the issue, i have raised query 3 days before

    My TV R482b as get prob that its switching off autmatically. so i have raised query 3 days before still no one as came to retify my TV. May i know how long it will take to vist for your engineers ?  

  • Issue#760103: C# linq query issue

    Hi, I am not getting how can I write a linq query for the below list. The "IsValid(point, 500, 2000, 3000)" method below should return true if all given value (500, 2000, and 3000) are available and measured in the given "point" list. My query below is wrong. It works fine if I check only for one point. not sure why?  Can some one help me to write a short linq query or lambda expression for this. class Point     {         public int X { get; set; }         public int Y { get; set; }         public bool Measured { get; set; }     }     class Program     {         static void Main(string[] args)         {             var point = new List<Point>     

  • Issue#914486: Issue with clutter on Main CFD Forum

    The last few weeks to a month, I've observed that there are countless code specific threads on the main CFD forum ( Or threads that are being "brought back from the dead" which involve either someone requesting a code from a user that's last post was 3-4 years ago or something seemingly unrelated. Is there any means to correct this situation? If not, I understand but it makes coming to CFD-online less valuable.

  • Issue#934376: Paypal - timeout issue on conformationfor purchase from forum site

    using paypal for subscribing to forums, internet radio sites, etc. issue: -  Trying to donate to one forum for their monthly use. I can log into paypal via on their donation page.  Able to select payment method then hit press the confirmation button for the donation then timeout occurs.- Tried 4 times. contact forum manager for site and others - they have no issies. Have done this at this forum at least 8 to 10 times. Any ideas? Many thanks for at least looking.

  • Issue#946269: Referenced query issue

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how is the "reference table" works. Having 2 queries A, B, where B is a reference to A, and A is a query to my data source.When refreshing A and B, I expect only 1 call to my data source (from A), but I see 3 calls.2 calls are running in parallel at the same time and when finished I see the 3rd call being executed for the same query. Can someone elaborate on that process? Will it be more efficient if I wouln't "reference" to A but "duplicate"? Thanks 

  • Issue#962117: Giffgaff - Query about muting certain users on the forum

    Hi. I've got a query about the workings of the comminity, rather than a query about the phone service.Most forums I’ve used have an option to both block people, and an option to [tactfully] mute their posts. I was looking for a mute option on this forum within the “my community settings” section, but I can neither see that option nor see a block option.  Surely it's a basic feature of fora. Am I just being blind, or is this not actually possible on giffgaff’s forum.

  • Issue#1026818: Program File Path Causing Query Refresh Issue

    Recently I've been having an issue with an excel query refreshing from our database. I've narrowed it down and I think I know why it's doing it, but I don't know how to fix it. This spreadsheet does work on other machines.My exact issue is any office running Excel 2016 on Windows 10.The Program File path contains "()" and is making it error out with "ORA-06413: Connection not open."Office 2016 doesn't let you change the install directory as I'd done in the past to prevent this issue. I'd found a different oracle driver that worked for 2016 Excel running on windows 7. I have tried to find more drivers and workarounds. I'm out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.If you need more specifics, I can try, but again, this isn't my forte'.

  • Issue#1066900: Issue with DATEADD function in Direct Query Mode

    Hi ,I am working in Direct Query Mode . And i wanted to shift my date column say by "2 days".  When using DATEADD function, I am getting an error "DATEADD function is not allowed as part of calculated column DAX expressions on DirectQuery models". Could anyone please let me know if there is a work around to establish this without using DATEADD function? Regards,Srinivas

  • Issue#1107827: EA - I have an issue getting into the Beta Forum for past 4 days

    hi,    FIFA 17 is amazing so far enjoying my BETA access but have some suggestions and found several bugs and need to submit to the forum    however i cannot access it , i am IT professional so already tried changing browser , cleared my cache - still no go   please help   Best,   Blaze    

  • Issue#1119942: Playstation - Forum suggestion or help on issue

    I may be wrong on this but I 've yet to find a way to do this? Is there a way when I click on a thread with say 50 pages but want to get to page 34, is there a way to jump to that page? As of now I have to click the thread and keep having to click the arrow back a page after page and is growing old so is there a way to do this that IDK or add onto this forum?

  • Issue#1184145: forum issue : the dialog to insert an image 'inline' no longer works

    Until yesterday, I could easiliy insert images 'inline' using the button 'insert/edit' image - a dialog then opened up, in which I could browse my local disk for the screenshot to insert inline.   Today, if I click the button I get a different dialog - see attachment. The 'source' window just shows a blinking cursor, but nothing happens when you click in there. I tried also to drop a file in there, but no success...   So am I the only one experiencing this issue? Using Google Chrome.