Issue#2754: Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S5 Data Issues

  • I've been having some problems with other aspects of my service (BingeOn & massive data usage) for several months now. Concerned that one reason for the issues was the age of my S4, I purchased a new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5. And here's what's happening.


    1. It connects to the network and I can make/receive calls and texts just fine. I can surf the web on the device itself (although sometimes it's super slow and video buffers) but when I attempt to tether or use my hotspot, which is a feature that I use daily, webpages take minutes to load (and sometimes don't load at all) and video streaming is pretty much impossible.


    2. In an area where I've always had a great signal and full bars on my other device, I can't get more than 2 bars now and sometimes service drops completely for a second or two before coming back up. The 4G LTE icon shows up on my screen, but I'm far from experiencing 4G speeds. If I remove the SIM card, it shows full bars even though I know I have no service without the card...but the second I put the card back in, 2 bars if I'm lucky and back to not being able to load anything.


    3. Everything works fine if I connect to wifi.


    4. I've checked for band compatibility. I've checked the generic TMobile settings in the device. I've gotten a new updated SIM card. All of these possible issues have been checked off. And the problem persists. Sometimes, when I'm in the car or at a location away from home, I have full bars. But...I always had full bars at home on my other device and I live in a spot where I can actually see a cell tower from my kitchen window so I don't understand why my signal is like it is.


    Is there some setting or something that I'm missing here?

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  • Issue#1952: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: s6 edge 3g network issue (mobile data)

    sorry about my bad s6 edge (sm g925).slow browsing or does not work mobile data when using 3g mobile data .in 2g mobile data is ok.but issues with WCDMA. I flash two different firmwares but same problem .set APN manually. SAME PROBLEM.and i have same issues while making a call or sending a message...........its a hardware issue????? i need your help thanks in advance.............

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    Hello, I have a Verizon unlocked Samsung Galaxy s6 edge + and my carrier is Metro PCS. I have tried many APN settings but cant seem to send an MMS. Also cant receive an MMS unless its through a group text. I really like the Verizon Message+ preinstalled app if there is a way someone knows... Verizon unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + MMS issue

  • Issue#97750: Giffgaff - Samsung Galaxy S6 o2 data roaming issues

    Just got a new Samsung Galaxy S6 from Game. They advised could be used for giffgaff o2 tesco.I have an existing giffgaff sim. The phone won't connect me to giffgaff mobile or data server. Tried to add a new APN & selected it but still does't recognise the network.Please can someone kindly help me. Had simular issues with s5 mini but was solved easily with community help.kind regardsGeoff

  • Issue#861: Samsung Galaxy S6: How Can I Remove Data, Even Though it Won't Turn On?

    Hello all, I dropped my S6 in water yesterday. I went through the full evaporation and drying process, and today tried to turn it back on. It will show the title screen, but when it goes to boot the OS it crashes and starts over. I can access the repair menu, and it seems a factory restore would solve my issues, but I have some pictures, videos, and notes on the phone that are invaluable to me and I don't want to lose. There must be some way to transfer some of that data to my computer from the repair screen. Honestly, I would even be opposed to tearing the phone apart if it meant I could keep my files. I'm really looking for any kind of tips I can get here. Thank you very much.

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    How can I use ADB to pull everything I have saved on my phone onto my computer?

  • Issue#2128: Verizon to T-Mobile w/ Galaxy S4, biggest mistake? SMS, 4G, VM issues

    Hello everyone, I made the leap from Verizon to T-Mobile with my Verizon edition Samsung Galaxy S4 (not know the SMS issues).  In store, the T-Mobile folks handed me a SIM card and said I that I needed to call Verizon to unlock my phone.  So, I called Verizon and they said that phones haven't been locked since February of 2015.  Strike 1! Ok.  So I put the T-Mobile SIM card in.  I found the following problems: 1) No Mobile Data connection2) "SIM card is not from Verizon..." message,3) unable to send SMS and MMS texts.4) No access to VoiceMail 1) To fix the Mobile Data Connection, I Googled "T-Mobile APN settings".  This led me to several sites that helped me fix that issue. Okay.  Upon trying to access the internet with Mobile Data/4G, no luck. Problem 1, still fixed.  Though, I may need to fiddle around with the Networks settings (Global, CDMA, etc.). 2) "SIM card is not from Verizon"  Basically, I found that the th

  • Issue#3417: Schedule Data Refresh Issues

    After having attempted to get the Enterprise Gateway working, I hit an error which I posted about here DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_ImpersonationError. Having no success with the Enterprise Gateway, I then installed the Personal Gateway. It appears to have installed and configured succesfully. However, when I then set up a scheduled data refresh, the scheduled refresh fails only returning the following error: "Processing Error: transfer service unknown error"   Has anyone encountered this before? Is there anyway to reveal a more descriptive error? Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated as one way or another I need to get a refresh mechanism working without manual intervention. Best Regards, CP

  • Issue#3918: Data refresh issues with SQL DB Auditing

    Hi all, I have set up auditing in my Azure SQL database, and have successfully connected the audit logs with Power BI following the instructions here. However, most data refreshes - scheduled and on demand - fail. In particular, I have been consistently running into the following error for the past few days: PersonalGateway_DataSourceKindLabel: AzureTablesData source error: We couldn't parse OData response result. Error: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Does anyone have any insight into this?  Thank you!

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    I am having an issue today with a DAX formula. The scenario is as follows. I have 2 Power BI desktop files which are formatted identically. I have them linked to separate Excel workbooks which are formatted identically. I am inserting a calculated column into both datasets under "Modeling" in Power BI with the following formula: Week_Crctd = if(weeknum('Line Calls'[Date])<=52,(weeknum('Line Calls'[Date])),1)In one PBI desktop file, I receive the expected result; a whole number between 1 and 52 which varies correctly according to the [Date] value. In the other file, I receive the following error: ï»¿ As I mentioned before, both Excel files are formatted with the exact same number formatting in these columns and both PBI desktop files are formatted with the same Data Type, Format, Data Category, and Default Summarization. What gives? Thanks guys and gals

  • Issue#7305: Galaxy s5 sms lagging issues

    I have a galaxy s5 and I have been having lagging issues when typing text messages.  T mobile has replaced my phone once and after having the new phone the lagging issue came back. Why is this such a problem?

  • Issue#8946: Samsung Galaxy S4: Motherboard is dead, internal Data recovery possible?

    My Samsung Galaxy S4 Motherboard is dead no power supply to the motherboard. Is there nay way to recover the internal memory data from this? Please help ⟐ Answer accepted January 26, 2016 at 9:09 am -0700

  • Issue#10672: Samsung Galaxy S M110S: Google Play Store can't establish a reliable data connection to server

    I have a samsung galaxy s but not the original one. it is samsung anycall galaxy s (Model # SHW-110S) the korean copy of samung galaxy s. i had problems with its messaging limit only 80 bytes per message and that was awful. so i got a new firmware installed in it by a local electronics shop. Now the details are as follows: -Firmware version: 2.3.6 -Baseband version: M110S.WA03.0942.ST -Kernel Version: -Build number: GFAN_M110S_GINGERBREAD.WC13_FTE9K_ODEX_SP4 [*hope this helps*] And from that day, i am unable to access/sign-in/sign-up or even use the google play store. whenever i try to sign into google play store or youtube, an error message appears saying that google cannot establish a reliable data connection to its server. i need your help immidiately and i will be very thanfull to you. please suggest me a new and suitable firmware to install and please suggest me a link to download that particular firmware. THANKS IN ADVANCE. ⟐ Commented January 26, 2016 at 3:07

  • Issue#13212: Giffgaff - Galaxy s6 front camera black line issue

    Hi guys my s6 has started showing a black line on all photos taken with the front camera, seems to be somthing on the lesns or an issue with the lens itself.  The phone was purchased from giffgaff about 10 weeks ago, whats my next steps? Thanks in advance. ï»¿ï»¿

  • Issue#13596: Giffgaff - I only have 100mb data and it's unusable on H+ with full signal. I have a Galaxy S6 and c

    How can I get 4G?

  • Issue#16081: Issues in sending data in spi

    Hello,I have connected 2 zynq 7000(Zedboard) through PS SPI communication. I can do the data transfer between the two of them properly. But I have following doubts:1. How to calculate the spi data rate ? What I am doing right now is - I saw the actual frequency for the ps spi as 160Mhz while enabling the spi module in the vivado section, and then divide it by prescaler. For example, if the prescaler was XSPIPS_CLK_PRESCALE_64, then I divided 160Mhz/64 = 2.5Mbits/ sec, is this the correct way to calculate ? If no, can anyone please tell the precise method to calculate the data rate. 2. One zedboard(Zynq7000) is master and other is slave,slave sends the data and master receives it. The data transfer is happening in the polled transfer fashion. When a clock of XSPIPS_CLK_PRESCALE_64 or XSPIPS_CLK_PRESCALE_16 is selected, the data flows properly. But when I select clock as XSPIPS_CLK_PRESCALE_4 or XSPIPS_CLK_PRESCALE_8, the data is not properly received. The same data byte is received twic

  • Issue#19517: Occasionally missing data from output - Issue with Elapsed Time, Sample Compression, or something el

    Hi all, Hope you can help with the following. I have: A DAQ Assistant reading from 2 thermocouples at 1 Hz Sample Compression (factor of 60) to obtain the average every minute (not rolling average) Producer/consumer setup Elapsed Time which enables Write to Measurement (xlsx) every 60 seconds I ran this from 3:50pm to 7:22am the following morning. It seems to have worked, but I noticed that about once an hour, a data point is missing. Is this an issue with timing or how I set up the VI? Please advise.   Thanks!  

  • Issue#25732: Issues with refresh data with an excel file (Power BI Desktop)

    Hi,So I've made a report in Power BI where the Source is a excel file. I've tried to set the source to Onedrive Business, local (c:\) but with no success. When i make the report, the refresh data works completely fine, but the day after I load the file and click refresh, an error occours and the file is not updated with the new data; ï»¿ I sent the a frown, and got the message that it's a documentet error and will be fixed in a future release. However, I need to update this report, so I just cant wait until "forever". Any smart solutions to this issue? Regards Erik

  • Issue#27134: Giffgaff - Looking for all settings for galaxy s3 including photo or data settings thanks


  • Issue#27745: Observation on PC issues(Workaround for MIKE issue)

    So far there are my observations The VRAM usage is too high @1080p easily exceeds 4GB , probably causing the stuttering many experience(i use 970 and 4690k) There are some obvious multiplayer issues, causing FPS drops And the MIKE DELTA issues. (Workaround use WTFast proxy tool has 14 day trial This works for me) These are three issues I have observed

  • Issue#29629: Samsung Galaxy S4: How can I replace both antennas and fix data signal?

    I have a galaxy s4 i545. The data signal drops all the time. I thought it could be a kit kat software issue at first, but its not. The phone is now updated to lollipop and the same thing happens. I can only reset the phone to get a data signal back. Also the 4g connection is slower than the 3g connection most of the time. It can never stay on 4g, when it does the phone gets hot. It always switches back to 3g and then the data works again. I took the phone apart and saw that the left red antenna is missing the connector on the end of the flex cable. Its just an open end wire kind of touching where it should be connected. I ordered a new left and right antenna flex cable. Is it just connecting each end? Are there any other steps or factors to consider to fix this problem? I don't see answers for this kind of repair anywhere on the internet. Please help. ⟐ Answered January 29, 2016 at 6:38 pm -0700

  • Issue#30544: Autodesk - data shortcut issues over the network

    This is a tough one that has been a royal headache for a few weeks.  I have been working with co-workers in a different city on a large project.   We are all linked through network and have batch files that links us directly to each others home drive. So working along on this project, we got into issues where I couldn't open our grading model at all.   A drawing file is invalid error would come up and it would shut down.   I reboot computer, voila, file was fine.   Day later, the grading model got corrupted on their end and was basically unusable.   They had to recreate the surface from archives, move feature lines over etc etc. We got back in action and plug along.   Then last couple days, my data shortcuts start having issues.  First it would ask to be synchronized when i first opened it, then a little later, the shortcuts would show as broken.   If I deleted and re-pathed, it wouldn't let me.   I would shut down a

  • Issue#30545: Autodesk - Civil 3d data shortcut issues over network

    This is a tough one that has been a royal headache for a few weeks.  I have been working with co-workers in a different city on a large project.   We are all linked through network and have batch files that links us directly to each others home drive. So working along on this project, we got into issues where I couldn't open our grading model at all.   A drawing file is invalid error would come up and it would shut down.   I reboot computer, voila, file was fine.   Day later, the grading model got corrupted on their end and was basically unusable.   They had to recreate the surface from archives, move feature lines over etc etc. We got back in action and plug along.   Then last couple days, my data shortcuts start having issues.  First it would ask to be synchronized when i first opened it, then a little later, the shortcuts would show as broken.   If I deleted and re-pathed, it wouldn't let me.   I would shut down a

  • Issue#32390: Samsung Galaxy S5: Difficult situation data transfer with broken USB port..

    okay here we go, I have a galaxy s5 from t-mobile then I rooted and put a custom ROM on. I went to flash another rom and it soft brick me. now here's my dilemma, my USB port is also broken so I've been hard wiring it to keep the battery charged. now I'm trying to figure out how I can still connect it to a computer. now I'm thinking that in theory if I connect the two data transfer cables from the USB cable the 2data transfer wires as I did with the positive and negative for the battery that it should work? I mean again it's all in theory, so if anyone has any thoughts or comments or maybe some really good advice, that'd be badass.

  • Issue#36606: Samsung Galaxy S III: How can I recover data from the phone's broken internal hard drive?

    So this is the problem: i threw my phone on the ground and stepped on it (my temper is not the best). the screen is shattered at the top, so much that the little bits of glass are falling out so NOW i decided to put the case back on. (i know). When i plug the phone into a computer a prompt will pop up however, when i click on the pop up nothing can be found on the phone. On my mac the photos will be "loading" all day. nothing shows up ultimately. i don't understand fully what is wrong. my phone still vibrates when i get a call or text and the little circle light at the top blinks as well as the menu and back button ,but i cannot see the actual screen. Is there any way i can get my data off of this phone? (pictures, messages from within apps, voice recordings, memos, anything? If i get the screen fixed will my data remain on the phone? i'm at a complete loss and freaking out! please help ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 3:04 am -0700

  • Issue#37398: Unity 5 graphics issues on Galaxy Note 2.0

    User of our game posted screenshot where game look rather weird running on Samsung Galaxy Note II (N7100): Error occurs after selecting game level in menu (orange stripes is menu texture). At this point we start loading empty unity scene that asynchronously loads game level (rows on top are from game level). Game targets GLES2 (forces to use it in settings). Unclear - is this level loading issue (when loading asynchronously... Unity 5 graphics issues on Galaxy Note 2.0

  • Issue#37401: [MOVED TO ANDROID SUBFORUM] Unity 5 graphics issues on Galaxy Note 2.0

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  • Issue#39991: Optus - Issues with mobile data

    I recently received a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from a friend. I put my (prepaid) sim from my iPhone 5c into it and now cannot seem to connect to internet properly unless I am using wifi. I have checked everything possible, the phone has the current Android update 5.1.1 and previous user states he had no issues with using the phone outside of wifi. I receive text messages and phone calls. I seem to be able to go on the internet, but can't send or receive email or notifications from apps such as Facebook. I'm wondering if I need a new sim or should I just ditch the phone and go back to iPhone?

  • Issue#40931: Western Digital My Passport Studio: Data Recovery Issues after restore

    Hello everyone. I have a western digital which I had stored videos from my macbook pro using the software final cut pro. About a week back the hard drive crashed and I took the external hard drive and attached it to a PC running windows 7 and ran a recovery program called EASEUS recovery. I was successful recovering the the videos , but I can't play the videos neither on a mac or pc. Keep getting an error that the file is invalid. Is there a special software or a particular way to run recovery which would enable me to recover the videos properly. All help is appreciated ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 9:13 pm -0700

  • Issue#42040: Issue trying to collect Echo data in Chelsea

    Found an issue with the Echo data in Chelsea (I believe), where the rioters/looters steal supplies/cargo from the officers loading/unloading items from a truck? Once the Echo is activated, I can't actually collect it, as the menu item/box doesn't show up to prompt me to do so. I initially thought this is what you did with the Echo data, but upon finding more it appeared to me this wasn't the case. This happened multiple times on different days. I can provide video of this issue if needed. Thanks