Issue#445261: Dell - Dell Inspiron Needs Windows 7 Reinstall

  • With older systems having 7, press F8 before Windows loads, then choose Repair and then Recover.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#341197: Dell - Reinstall windows 7 Inspiron N5040

    I have problem reinstall Windows 7 on my laptop. When try download windows 7 from Microsoft website have error below. The product key you entered appears to be software preinstalled by device manufacturer Where can i download Windows 7 iso compatible with Inspiron N5040 ?

  • Issue#838088: Dell - Dell Inspiron Laptop - no disks. Need to reinstall Windows 7

    Laptop has slowed to a crawl. Not sure what is up with it, but want to do a reinstall of Windows 7. No disks came with the laptop. What do I do? Is the operating system install somewhere on the hard drive? thanks!

  • Issue#428: Dell - Upgrading an Inspiron 5348 to Windows 10

    Thank you kindly for all your help. I'll try upgrading soon and let you know how it went! Cheers, Paul

  • Issue#8271: Linux - Migration To SSD On DELL Inspiron 5520 Ubuntu 14.04.3 / Windows 10 Dual Boot

    Hello, I want to migrate from a 1TB HDD on my Inspiron 5520 to a 1TB SSD. I normally use a Clonezilla distro, which has been optimized for Ubuntu and has USB 3.0 support. Can I just hang the new SSD on a SATAWIRE cable and use Clonezilla in the normal way, or is there something else I will need to do? My current Clonezilla distro is "clonezilla-live-2.4.2-10-amd64.iso." Thanks, Hannibal

  • Issue#19615: Windows 10 upgraded failure - Dell Inspiron N5050 - display driver not working

    The short version of this post is a warning to be careful upgrade any Dell Inspiron N5050 laptops. The issue shortly after booting up.  The display goes blank shortly after the Dell and Win splash screen (still can hear the short Win10 music rift after the screen blanks out).  The very first boot up after updating to Win10 worked fine.  After that first boot...well.  Using an external monitor works and shows the laptop didn't just crash. Booting in safe mode and looking in device manager shows an error with the display driver.  A quick web search listed others upgrade attempts with the same problem, but no solution. I doubt there's many of these laptop around, but wanted to share.  Hopefully I'm not rehashing someone else's post or crying wolf when there happens to be a fix out there.

  • Issue#40573: Dell Inspiron: Why wont windows 7 boot

    i have a windows 10 laptop but i want to put on windows 7 because of opedit i put it on a bootible drive but it keeps saying cannot find drivers even after i inserted them ⟐ Commented January 31, 2016 at 7:28 pm -0700

  • Issue#43047: Radio Control - Field PC... Dell Inspiron Mini Windows 7 Home Premium $145 Shipped

    I have a Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop PC that I will be selling here, very good condition and a fresh load of Windows 7 Home Premium. Intel Atom Processor 1.67GHz 2GB Ram Memory 250GB Hard Drive 3 USB Ports VGA out to your monitor or TV Wireless Network card Wired Network card Audio Jacks for Speakers and a Mic Web Cam built in lid SD Card Reader Good Battery, holds a good charge Battery Charger Dimensions 10.5" x 7.5" x 1.25 System is in good shape with no major scratches or dings. Screen is bright and does not have any problems or scratches. All ports work properly, network card connects to wired networks and wireless has good range to find wireless networks nearby. Not built for gamers in mind but it works great for a field PC to make changes to your FBL controller software or setup that ESC and make easy changes right at the field. I loaded Castle Link software and connected to make sure everything works as advertised. Shipped to your Lower 48 USA Doorstep for Just

  • Issue#64959: Logitech - m555b Bluetooth pairing issue with Dell Latitude E4300 running Windows 10 64 bits

    Hello, I've been using a m555b Bluetooth for more than 4 years with the same laptop: Win7, Win8, Win8.1 and now Win10 But I currently can't: after the full new installation from scratch, I'm unable to pair it. The Broadcomm "Dell 365 Bluetooth"  module works fine, I've successfully paired an iPhone 5S, a Microsoft Number Pad and an audioset. It properly detects the mouse (including brand and model), when I press the "connect" button under it. But I press the "pair" button on the Bluetooth setting panel on Windows 10, I obtain the warning box "it didn't work - please try again and check your mouse can still be detected" When I press the "close" button and make a new attempt: no further sucess. I remember having suffered such a similar issue with Win8 3 years ago. Please help me!

  • Issue#97439: Notebook - Dell Inspiron 7559 Windows 7 CPU Clock Speed stuck at 2.2

    I just went and installed Windows 7 onto my new Dell Inspiron 15 7559 I purchased from Amazon. Everything went well aside from the USB 3.0 install problem with Windows 7. I installed some utilities to check temps and speeds of my CPU and GPU and noticed the CPU does not change clock at all anymore. It is stuck at 2.2. Before on Windows 10 it would clock up and down without issue according to load but now nothing. I have the chipset driver installed, the thermal management driver installed,... Dell Inspiron 7559 Windows 7 CPU Clock Speed stuck at 2.2

  • Issue#143712: Dell Inspiron 6000: forgot password at boot up and cant get into windows

    forgot password at boot up and cant get into windows was woundering how to fix this ⟐ Answered February 18, 2016 at 6:14 pm -0700

  • Issue#156918: HP Photosmart 335 Printer Software for Windows 10 Dell Inspiron Laptops

    Hi I am in need of downloading software that is compatible with running on a Windows 10  Operating System. I have the original disc to the printer but it stops loading due to the fact that it is not compatible with Windows XP operating system. HP does not support this product as its over 10 years old and there are no websites available for me to download compatible software ever since I bought Windows 10 based Dell Laptop. Any suggestions entirely welcome as its a good printer with reasonable resolution for printing photos only. Can't understand why HP discontinued their support on the official website and withdrawn the driver download page for this printer.

  • Issue#197639: Dell Inspiron 1545: VIRUS - Stuck in attemping repair and drive locked in windows reset

    My dell touch laptop got a pop up virus and now I am stuck in attempting repair over and over but it doesn't work and always goes back to the same options after it says that.. I can't log in or even get to the part were they as me for my password to get in. I tried all the options and resets but it always goes back to the same options and when i get to troubleshooting - advanced options and then reset it says that it is unable to do so as the drive is locked to please unlock it first and I have no idea how to do it.. I don't have any disc to put in as the laptop has no entry for it, I currently have Windows 10. I tried everything and I am out of options.. It also says this after it ends the attempted reset: "Startup repair couldn't repair your pc" And then a name of a logfile. Thank you so much in advance for your help! If more information is needed I will be glad to provide it! Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards!

  • Issue#198374: Geforce - Dell Inspiron e1705 doesn't find any compatible hardware with 179.48 drivers windows 7

    Hi guys, So, I recently picked up a used laptop and I reinstalled windows on it. It was already running windows 7 but I wiped it because I wanted a fresh install. Now, I can't get the drivers to install for some reason and it's driving me crazy trying to fix this because all I wanted to do was play some old games on this laptop. The drivers worked fine before but now I can't get any sort of nvidia driver to install. Can someone please try to help me figure this out? I really don't want to feel like I wasted money getting a new charger, battery, and the actual laptop and then not be able to even run the screen at full resolution.

  • Issue#199839: Dell Inspiron 1545: Will not load windows

    Windows 7 will not load ⟐ Commented February 29, 2016 at 8:03 am -0700

  • Issue#227965: unable to install HP office jet 4500 g510n on dell inspiron 17 5000 series with windows 7 professio

    I bought new computer and cannot install my hp office jet 4500 all in one printer. Is this printer incompatible with this  computer . Has i7 processor. I have tried using  insatallation disc ...failed . I tried online from HP support . failed.


    Hey All! I am having some issues. I have finally gotten a new laptop and have been away for around 1.5 years. I just subscribed and for some reason I keep crashing to my desk top. I don't have a large amount of computer knowledge so anyone can help with this that would be great. Step by steps would be the best. I would like to be able to play more than 10 to 15 minutes before it randomly crashes to desktop with no error. 

  • Issue#280783: [ubuntu] Ubuntu install on a Windows 10, Dell Inspiron 20 3043

    Greetings, I have tried for about 5 hours, with a lot of researching forums, Dell technicians, (to no avail), mostly trial and error. My question is: Has anyone ever tried to install via burned iso to USB flash drive or CD/DVD, an Ubuntu or any distro's included in Ubuntu family, on this particular All-in-one System? I don't want to get into a lot of detail of my incredible journey....LOL, unless someone has indeed tried this impossible endeavor. please reply if you have...thank you in advance, Cimaron

  • Issue#304440: Dell inspiron fan doesn't work under Linux but Windows 10 does

    My 400 usd Dell inspiron Laptop comes preinstalled with Ubuntu 14.04 which I use intensively such as playing both steaming and local video. However, I don't remember hearing any fan noise, till a few days ago I installed Windows 10 on it was when I can hear occasional fan noise. Anyone has explanation on this? Does that mean Ubuntu can't fully utilize my CPU? (Intel i3)

  • Issue#312198: Dell Inspiron 700m: windows will not open after changing 8 to 10

    how do I repair with advanced options

  • Issue#316746: Re: BlackBerry Link errors when backing up Blackberry Q 10 on windows 10 Dell Inspiron one

    Has anyone been having problems with Blackberry link? Re: BlackBerry Link errors when backing up Blackberry Q 10 on windows 10 Dell Inspiron one. Reinstalled the link on my computer same thing.

  • Issue#332417: Dell - Dell Inspiron 15 3542 bios firmware update problem windows 10

    I have done the Downgrade procedure but it didn't work because the default firmware was A1 for 3542 and it updated to A2 for 3442( It worked from A3 to A2 for 3442( 3442a02 drivers). So when i try to downgrade from 3442 to 3542 it says that is is a different system.

  • Issue#335683: Dell - Dell Inspiron 5558 won't boot to Windows 10

    I created a System Image Backup on a external hard drive and a Windows 10 64 bit Repair disc. Would you recommend that I also create a Windows 10 USB recovery drive? That would be a bit of overkill, wouldn't it? Thank you for your " One last suggestion...

  • Issue#335850: Dell - Inspiron N5050 Windows 7 to 10 upgrade fail, need to restore

    YGBSM! It worked for meso far.

  • Issue#336717: Dell - Reinstalling Windows 7 on a Dell inspiron Laptop without the CD

    I had acquired Windoze 7 Ultimate SP1 to upgrade, and did, yet it came only as an ISO file and the computer does not recognize it, on a DVD, when I boot up. I explored F2 and F12, which show up upon bootup, though found no solutions. HELP!!!!!!!

  • Issue#338475: Dell - Re Installing Windows 7 to dell inspiron

    I have a dell Inspiron N5110. I purchased it with windows Home Premium but I had to reinstall windows, but I couldn't back up windows and by the time of purchase I didn't get a windows 7 OS cd as well. Therefore I am unable to re-install windows although I have a product key for windows 7.

  • Issue#345439: Dell - Dell Inspiron 15R(5521) Drivers for Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 Windows 10/64-bit

    yeahjust use the drivers provided by dell for W8.1/8.They work just fine :D

  • Issue#347201: Dell - No boot device available error Inspiron 530 Windows 7

    My problem is that the software will not load onto a Win 10 HD, and the manufacturer says they will not be supporting it any longer. (Have tried install/uninstall many times but it will never complete without failing.

  • Issue#351651: Dell - Windows 10 Upgrade for Inspiron N7010

    You said that Dell is not making Inspiron N7010 Windows 10 Compatible, then why Dell did not inform / or block the up-gradation to Windows 10 from Windows 7 O/S? What is our way out under current situation? Dell must do something to maintain their Market Good-will. [email protected]

  • Issue#357161: Dell - Inspiron Windows 10 upgrade - what to expect

    After that, I let Microsoft install the video drivers it wanted to-and they work. It seems the system is red improperly on a clean install, so rolling back then letting it step forward worked, at least in my case. YMMV - good luck, shouldn't be this hard.