Issue#487: Skype - Can't see shared screen on ipad

  • My friends shared their screens, they are on computer, I'm on my IPad and cant see their shared screen, is there a button i should press or something?

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  • Issue#7482: iPad Pro Screen Issue

    Hi guys, I just discovered a very annoying issue on my iPad Pro's screen: there is a spot in the upper area near isight camera (where the clock is displayed on the lock screen), which reacts with lcd pressure distortion even on lightest touch. With normal tap or stylus distortion gets very visible and annoying. I made some pictures and video, demonstrating that issue. @All iPad pro owners: can you confirm that on your devices or I... iPad Pro Screen Issue

  • Issue#97358: Skype - I want to share my iPad screen that is plugged into my laptop

    I need some way to share my iPad screen.  I have the ipad plugged into my macbook, but when I click on screenshare there is no option to select it.  Is there anyway to share my iPad screen on Skype? 

  • Issue#108649: Skype - The screen of selection photo or video ro send on ipad

    Please fix the bage of selection foto to send to show in landscape mode, ot shows only in portrait mode, in latest version ios and skaype for ipad, the screen shot is made in landscape as it is shown,but shows in portrait

  • Issue#153773: Skype - Skype Screen Sharing on windows 10 issue Black screen for other user

    Im having trouble streaming videos on skype screen sharing. There is a black screen for the video im trying to stream for the other user on skype to watch on my computer. Youtube works but netflix and movies and tv wont show the display of the video for the other person. They can hear the video but not see it. Please Help me.  Please and thank you.

  • Issue#165860: iPad mini 4 screen auto brightness issue

    Anyone else's not happy how auto brightness work on iPad mini 4? It's either too dim or too bright, it changes way too aggressively so I have always to fiddle with settings to make it satisfactory to my eyes. On my old first gen iPad mini it worked perfectly.. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Issue#188768: Skype - Skype Screen Share Window issue

    I wanna show a game but all my friend sees is black (and sometimes white) screen with just my pointer. Some game (that is windowed) can be seen tho.  However, when it is FULL SCREEN they may not see it. So please fix

  • Issue#282873: Skype - Friend can't see shared screen on tablet.

    I've been doing video calls regularly with this person and for some reason, the screen sharing feature seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it works, and she can see my screen just fine. Other times, she gets nothing but a blue screen, and I get an error that says she "can't experience group video calling because their device doesn't support it." Please help, and don't say anything about the new update because the tablet it not the issue here. It has worked many times before. It only started doing it this year.

  • Issue#291545: Skype - Blue screen issue

    I am using window 7 and when I installed skypee version 7.18 but its not running.My skypee showing me blue error. Kindly tell me how can I solve this error.Kindly help me.Thanks

  • Issue#399127: Skype - My friends can't see my shared screen

    I have a mac and my friend has an android smartphone and we've been skyping for a long time. I've always been able to share my screen so that we could watch movies and stuff but it doesn't work anymore. We both have the latest updates of Skype. Does anyone know what it could be? I've tried using another mac and it didn't work and on my side it looks like I'm sharing screen like always, so it's probably from the Android's side?  Please help, I really don't want to watch gravity falls alone.

  • Issue#455361: Skype - Display shared screen in an separate window

    Hi all, i have a two monitor setup with an extended desktop. I'd like to full screen webcam video on one screen and the shared screen on the second one. Is there a way to do that? Best regards,Michael

  • Issue#667744: Skype - Skype for iPad - Unable to navigate to main screen

    I am stuck on the contacts screen with no obvious control to return to the main screen.  I updated to v and recycled on/off on the iPad but there is no improvement.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • Issue#717021: Skype - Mac Freezes and can not view a shared screen

     I never had a problem with the old Skype… Now once I've upgraded to Skype version 7.28 (316), my computer periodically gets completely frozen where I have to do a hard restart by pressing the power button.  Just to see how long the freeze would hold, I waited once and lost patience at 45 minutes. So it clearly is not a slow down issue. Also, I do not have the ability to view someone screen when they try to share during a conversation. I would like the old version of Skype back please this version has been nothing but a headache. 

  • Issue#723308: Skype - Interface getting in the way of shared screen

    My boyfriend and I are both long distance, and we use Skype to watch youtube videos and the like. A lot of them are foreign and require subtitles. I am finding that the video, mic, and hangup buttons on the bottom are laying right on top of the subtitles, making it so I can't read what's going on.  On the desktop version, these go away after a few seconds of inactivity, but on the kindle, they stay there the whole time and take up a lot of space. Is there a way to make them move or disappear? This was a large reason why I invested in a kindle and I would super appreciate it if there was a workaround to it. :^(  

  • Issue#775095: Skype - I want to share my screen while skype'ing on my ipad. But it looks like one can not do that?

    When on skype on windows or mac we often share our screens to collaborate. Is that not possible on an iPad? That would be very useful!

  • Issue#800644: ipad mini 4 screen issue when streaming video

    My ipad mini 4 is having an issue when I play videos, especially on the netflix and hulu apps. As the scene changes or the camera cuts to another person in a scene, my screen will automatically increase the brightness. Then it will decrease. When the scene changes again it will brighten again. This happens over and over again and is really frustrating. I found that when I put assistive touch on this solves the problem but I hate assistive touch and it annoys me that I even have to do that.... ipad mini 4 screen issue when streaming video

  • Issue#935553: Skype - iPad screen not complete

    There are no options on my iPad screen such as:(bottom left) optionsstop a video call (the red icon)My Skype version: for help. Jan

  • Issue#1015282: Skype - My shared screen is displaying as blank

    When I am in a call and share my screen it does not display correctly. What can be seen is a blank screen, mouse movements can be seen but the rest of the content is not visible.  There's no problem when someone shares their screen with me.I am on a HP Pavillion laptop, Windows 10, Skype 7.24, Norton 360

  • Issue#1048610: Skype - Screen Sharing issue with multiple users on the call

    We are using Skype and with speed of 1Mbps, screen sharing works with one to one, but when we share screens in a group of 3 or 4, screen never shares.It just shows the loading symbol.I really appreciate the help. Thank you.

  • Issue#1102976: Skype - How to remove previous skype name at sign in screen on iPad

    Does anybody know how to remove the skype name in sign in screen on iPad? It keeps the last skype name used to log in saved. I found answer for Mac, android, windows but nothing about iPad.

  • Issue#1106184: Skype - Screen sharing issue on 7.34 and OSx El Capitan

    Hi, I have a strange issue with screen sharing. No matter if I'm in a one to one call or group call, I'm unable to see any shared screen from others.I can see that the conversation widow changes, and that screen sharing is initiated, but it's only displaying a dark grey window. I can sucessfully share my screen with any participants and they see my screen! Any ideas?

  • Issue#1123499: iPad Mini: Very Weird Screen Issue (Works, But Black!) Siri Talks Boot Logo OK

    So this IPAD has never been taken apart or dropped. When turning it on you see the apple logo just fine, but once its on the screen is black. The machine boots and siri talks, it makes noise when touching the digitizer. The really odd thing is - You can see the desktop a little bit in the corners ONLY WHEN ROTATING THE SCREEN. Almost like there is a blank screen app running all the time. Factory restore did not help. Any ideas? Thank you

  • Issue#1131238: Skype - In the group chat, the shared screen doesnt work for me but works for everyone else

    Basically friends share their screen but im the only who isnt able to see it. it freezes 

  • Issue#481: Skype - Can't get the call or phone screen.

    I have just updated to Windows 10 and to had reenter my Skype.  Now I cannot get the screen up where it shows the phone to call out or to receive calls or where the contacts are. Why can't I get the screen?My computer is only 1 year old.  Thank you for any help

  • Issue#535: iPad Pro screen intermittently turns on with Apple Smart Keyboard

    I have an iPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard. When it's just sitting there with the keyboard either behind the screen as a back cover or in stand mode, the screen will turn on intermittently. This can get annoying. As you can see by the video I'm posting, it sits next to my computer, so I'm constantly watching it come on and off. I wonder if this is a hardware issue with the iPads or the keyboards. My friend has an iPad Pro as well with a Smart Keyboard, has the same issue. Here's the... iPad Pro screen intermittently turns on with Apple Smart Keyboard

  • Issue#2591: iPad Mini: Nothing but color lines after repairing screen

    ed my ipad mini screen, got a replacement after installing lcd displays nothing but a screen full of lines of various colors ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 11:38 am -0700

  • Issue#2596: iPad: My Ipad screen not working please help me?

    I dropped my ipad on the floor, but i have a jacket case for it. well, my screen turned to black but still there was a little light. In addition, i pressed on power button then i slid "power off" on the screen yet no showed on it . i remembered where its location. then, my screen turned yellow. so please help me?. ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 11:12 am -0700

  • Issue#3628: Skype - how to get rid of a picture on my home screen that i have no idea how it got there?

    how to get rid of picture on home page

  • Issue#4163: Skype - Screen turns off

    I have an lg g3 phone and when i move my hand in front of the screen or if i stop looking at the phone my screen will turn black only when i am using skype. I usually watch youtube videos or streams on my phone when i am chatting, volume low so i can hear my friends, and then all of the sudden the stream has stopped or frozen due to my phone's screen turning off... Also laying in bed, my hand is right on the camera so it doesnt detect my face and if i am doing anything in landscape mode, boom, my screen is off and i either lose progress or waste time waiting for it to turn back on

  • Issue#4597: iPhone 5c: After iPhone 5c Broken Screen Replacement. Camera test issue.

    Hi After screen replacement I can't seem to press or test camera button on lock screen. Please help. Screen seems to work, I can press pass keys or dial keys on lock screen. Thank you for your time.