Issue#495203: what make you feel each time you see aircraft flying on the sky?(serious)

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1265: iPhone 5c: Can someone explain this date & time issue one iOS 8.3?

    This device has a very strange date & time issue (maybe multiple issues). Auto time/date will not automatically detect the timezonewill not automatically adjust to the correct time Maintain time/date the time will count upwards as normal until the screen is locked for roughly 10 minutes (sleep)once the device resumes from sleep (unlock) it will display the time that was registered immediately prior to sleeping - and will continue to count upwards as normal from there Manually setting time/date when manually setting the date & time, the day/month scroll will sporadically change - for example: above the selector bar will show 9 May, below the bar will show 11 May but inside the bar will show 26 Oct (all just example dates).when scrolling through the dates, the day/month will magically meld into the incorrect sequence of day/monthoften the 'set date & time' will jump forward or backward by as much as 30 years or more (sometimes also resetting to Unix Epoch)often the scro

  • Issue#1319: Did I already an paid member? I can't make sure, because every time I open the photoshop or lightroom, it just a pre-try version

    DOES I already a paid member? I got the paid message for mobile message, but when I login photoshop or lightroom just is a test version

  • Issue#3133: Unity - [RELEASED] azure[Sky] v2.0 - Time of Day & Dynamic Skybox

    azure[Sky]​ azure[Sky] is a package to create realistics skies with day and night cycles, beautiful sunsets, clouds and starry nights. Works as skybox so you can enjoy all the lighting features of Unity5. Sky, Clouds, Stars and Moon are processed in the same shader, does not require the use of spheres meshs. It has a very easy to... [RELEASED] azure[Sky] v2.0 - Time of Day & Dynamic Skybox

  • Issue#4106: Unity - Time of Day - Dynamic Sky Dome

    Latest Changelog​ Time of Day is a package to render realistic dynamic sky domes with day and night cycle, realistic celestials, dynamic clouds and physically based atmospheric scattering. Requires Unity 4 or higher. Does not require Unity Pro. Sky Physically based sky shading Rayleigh & Mie scattering Highly customizable... Time of Day - Dynamic Sky Dome

  • Issue#5969: Playstation - I have solved my issue now I just have a general question for long time ps vita users

    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.

  • Issue#12154: If I don't reply to my Friend as I find him make use of me when ever he feel bored..

    If he got fiends he will tell you other day.. Most of the time I and him only when going out.. Feel like stop contacting him unless there's a ns recall back then talk to him. Other thing no. Any one experience same as me?

  • Issue#17073: Does it make sense waiting for a Time Capsule refresh?

    I'm considering replacing my router (Asus RT-AC68U) with a Time Capsule, but I noticed that the current model is already 2,5+ years old. Looking at the Time Capsule refreshes of the past, it would seem that the next one is upon us in 2016. Do you think a refresh, or even a redesign, will happen this year? Would it make sense waiting a few months instead of buying it now? Would there be any possible features worth waiting for? I'd love to hear your advice.

  • Issue#17624: TestStand 4.2 Continuous Testing issue - same Time reporting for every UUT

    hi,   i have this issue on my TestStand 4.2, everytime I do continuous testing (Execute >> Test UUTs), each UUT has the same Time in reporting. What I need is how to modify the process model in such a way each UUT should have different Time in reporting. Please see image below for reference.   thanks, val87  

  • Issue#18614: Giffgaff - I topped up already third time this month and can not make one call or tx t one msg

    i topped up as well today good;ybag 5 pounds hoping i ll be able to use my phone and use serices am paying for  but it llooks like i m in dead point again which is stopping me from lots of things and cause problems all the timeThis is third time already i topped up and still all the time just problems. First i couldnt recieve any msgs or calls at the least for one week , while i had activate 20 p goodybag where should be everything unlimited. then sec.time i tp up seven fifty gigbag and it took all my data, while i was using it at home which i dont understand bcz always when am home it automaticly taking data from home wifi. i cannot make one call for a week already or txt one msg again and today i toped up feive goody and still can not make ANY cal. Have really lot to do and using my phone. BUT obviously can not as it dont works . So am just money for nothing . I asked last time for compansation as the fact i could not recieving any calls and msgs caused me big damage and stoped

  • Issue#19517: Occasionally missing data from output - Issue with Elapsed Time, Sample Compression, or something el

    Hi all, Hope you can help with the following. I have: A DAQ Assistant reading from 2 thermocouples at 1 Hz Sample Compression (factor of 60) to obtain the average every minute (not rolling average) Producer/consumer setup Elapsed Time which enables Write to Measurement (xlsx) every 60 seconds I ran this from 3:50pm to 7:22am the following morning. It seems to have worked, but I noticed that about once an hour, a data point is missing. Is this an issue with timing or how I set up the VI? Please advise.   Thanks!  

  • Issue#32737: Radio Control - Long Flight Time Aircraft

    Hi guys. I am looking for a fixed wing platform with a blend of decent performance and long flight times. Instantly, I thought of buying an F5J electric sailplane. However, they seem to be to fragile, very expensive, and difficult to build (for my skill level at least). What else out there can get me some good flight time with decent performance? 45 minutes to an hour would be nice.

  • Issue#42911: Make it so that there is less time to revive someone after several revives!

    I literally just had a shoot-out with two guys for about 20 mins and the only reason it took so long was that one of them was hiding behind a wall while I downed the other one. He then just crawled over to his friend behind the wall and got revived. And no I couldn´t shoot him while he was crawling since he was behind cover and I was only able to down him by shooting his head and this literally went on for about 20 mins untill I got bored of it and just ran away without killing them. That is why I am asking to make it so that it either is only possible to revive someone a certian amout of times in lets say 5 mins or make it so that the timer when you are down untill you die goes faster and so it will be impossible to revive someone all the time. tl;dr: Make the revive time shorter or only a certian amout of times possible to revive. Since people can hide behind cover and you will end up having a shoot-out for serveral mins. Edit: So I went rogue and was on top of a building and th

  • Issue#47685: Parrot - Flying beyond range of Skycontroller. Don't make this mistake...

    Most of you probably would not make this stupid mistake, but just in case...Let me tell you what I did.Have made several flights using Flight Plan that are well past the Wifi range of the Skycontroller.  So far my farthest ***** is about 2.5 miles out and back, 5 miles total.  When the drone is a little over a mile away, I lose connection with the drone but it just keeps following the course that Flight Plan sent it.  The Skycontroller, via my ipad, tells me that it is tryng to connect with the drone for the next several nail biting minutes.  On the return *****, connectivity is automatically regained(not until the drone is much closer than it was when connectivity was lost) and all is well.  Be aware that while the Skycontroller is trying to reconnect, it is impossible to cancel or pause the flight plan and the Return to Home option is non-functional since there is no way to communicate with the drone.On one occaision, while the Skycontroller was trying t

  • Issue#50984: dun uds why mediacorp every year waste time make cny cd/vcd to sell

    other country is sit down properly and write a new theme song one

  • Issue#52708: Radio Control - First time flying a warbird

    Wow. I can say I have come pretty far. I flew my first warbird today after just starting to fly RC airplanes in January. Full disclosure: I flew RC heli's for about 5 months before realizing my true calling. I found a local guy selling a Durafly P-40N on craigslist about a week and a half back. Te guy was asking $100 for a PNP bird. I went over and looked at it and dropped him a C-note. It seemed like a good deal. The bird wasn't without problems. Welcome to the world of buying used planes. The rudder servo needs to be replaced but its working. I had to change the push rods for the empennage as well as the clevis'. The servo box needed some work because the hole for the rudder was busted. I made a little 1/2x1/2 tab and Ca'ed them onto the existing servo box. This caused the rudder servo to sit up about 1/8th of an inch and caused some major binding when running from the servo to the tail wheel then onto the rudder. I had an EZ-Link on the servo and on the tailwheel assembly. I ended

  • Issue#53452: IPhone 6s plus face time issue

    I have purchased an iPhone 6s plus in Saudi Arabia. I couldn't find face time app installed in my phone. Could someone help how to install the face time in my phone for ios 9.1 OS. Is there any way to install the face time app without any jailbreak.

  • Issue#67149: MotoX '13 -lollipop- gives a notification alert every time I make or receive a call.

    I can't find anyone having a similar issue... to make it worse if I take a call and try to turn off the alert the proximity sensor turns off the screen. I end up having to tell people "my phone is stupid, can I call you right back?" then I have to turn

  • Issue#69037: Notebook - ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

    guys, I got a serious issue of my xps15 9550, 1080FHD Terrible response time issue! ghosting! I play PES2016 (I played this game on PC and notebook since 2008, and never has this problem) on xps15, and everything showing dragging shadows! when player moving and ball moving, It hurts my eyes really bad. I set my game right, using Nvidia setting, this has been done million times, can not go wrong! updated latest driver no problem!... ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

  • Issue#70560: make audio files open in Quick Time, not Itunes, when clicked on

    Is there a way to make Quick Time (or Audacity, for that matter) the default opened app when clicking on an audio file, rather than iTunes? Thank you.

  • Issue#71202: Payoneer - We're sorry but you cannot make a payment at this time. Please contact us for assistance.

    Hi, Problem 01: When i try to transfer money from my account to another Payoneer account its show me weird thing. "We're sorry but you cannot make a payment at this time. Please contact us for assistance." Attach screen-shot. I don't know why this happen again and again. Problem 02: I tried to contact via live chat over and over again. At list 5-7 times per day. But there was another problem to show me. This time "Chat not available due to high volume of inquires." Please check the attach. Problem 03: I tried to contact via email and send to them 3 massage but still no replay. It's happening from the past 8-9 days ago. Is there any solution ?

  • Issue#75028: Make MacBook Pro 2011 Graphics Issue Reoccur

    Hello, A couple of weeks ago my MacBook Pro 15" early 2011 started shutting itself off randomly. Sometimes it just froze with various patterns and such, indicating graphical issues. Eventually it wouldn't turn on. The sleep light indicator would turn on and stay lit and you could hear the HDD spinning, but no sign of life other than that. I tried a bunch of stuff including replacing RAM, resetting PRAM and SMC, using an external display etc. but still nothing. I figured it would be the... Make MacBook Pro 2011 Graphics Issue Reoccur

  • Issue#76001: Ubnt - Wifi time schedule issue

    I would like to follow up this topic. Obviously, the Wifi shedule does not work with my AP. I just updated the fimrware. It has no effect on the WiFi time shedule.I have a small problem with the wifi time schedule of my AP LR. I set the times when it should be turned off in the night. For some reason, it does not switch off. Time zone is set correctly, new firmware is installed. Is it correct that, even if this feature works, only the SSID is hidden, but the radio still works?I would like to switch off the radiation completely in the night.What about installing a simple clock timer for the POE supply? Does the AP keep the configuration until the next morning? Is there any negative longterm effect if the AP is switched on/off daily?

  • Issue#78113: Unity - how to make the scene look dark like night-time?

    i'd place Moonlight skybox for the Skybox in the Render Settings. I'd got it from the Skyboxes Package in the Standard Assets.. and some how I'd place a directional light with color black... but when i'd play it.. i can see clearly the objects in my terrain.. i want it very very dark like you can only see objects within 2 meters wide.. please help... adv thanks

  • Issue#78172: [GPGT Goat Year Last Day] These goats make your heart itchy for one more time

    All of them are 24-year-old Japanese actresses

  • Issue#81339: EA - Every time I make a kill i see a short circuit? Why?

    Right where I make a kill I will see like a lightning bolt why is that 

  • Issue#94934: EA - Returning Player - One time password issue.

    Hi there, I am a returning player to swtor, display name "SinisterMatt" and every time I try to log in I get the message telling me to enter the one time password I have been emailed.The problem is the password never gets emailed... Would love a bit of help and clarity on this as if I can't get access to my old account and progress then I can't play, I am not really interested in starting over. Thanks.

  • Issue#95185: Now making 2000 a mth. How to make it become 10000 in 5 year time?

    How? How ? How ? No illegal stuff please

  • Issue#106543: how many buddies here still rem the first time chiu make chiu wife jiak..

    chiu banana one? she auto one or chiu tell her jiak one or chiu push her head down or?

  • Issue#111036: Playstation - Mods did not make me feel welcome in 2010

    I had to get this out in the air. My first post here in off topic the mods removed my post and ruined my feelings on the seen another person venting and I felt I should come forward as well. I feel for the other poster and feel the pain they feel..Is there any justice anymore ?..I felt my post was ok and never lived this down since it happned..This had to be told So fellow poster here in off topic I feel for your mishap and hope you and me can move on..This event happened in Date Registered ‎03-07-2010 02:41 PM lol...This is how I feel the mods make choices on what to do here....