Issue#5724: Unity - Maze War: Open Source Project

  • Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a pixel perfect recreation of the 1977 version of Maze War for the Xerox Alto machine.

    Maze War was the first ever multiplayer first person shooter, and unlike old FPS games like battlezone, I think the graphic style is still quite appealing.

    It uses the original 606x808 resolution of the Alto Machine, although you can full screen it with large black bars on either side.

    Here's a screenshot:

    Here's the...

    Maze War: Open Source Project

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    Sharing service for Unity games License: MIT Supports: Unity 4.x - 5.x, Android 4.0.1 - 6.x Features: Share text Share image

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    Unity 2D Destruction​Unity 2D Destruction is a basic tool for breaking 2D sprites into fragments for awesome destruction effects!!! it's totally free and Open Source so feel free to use it for whatever or contribute to it If you find this useful or have any questions/requests let me know! [Free Open Source] Unity 2D Destruction

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    Quote: Last Thursday I announced Maru, software that turns your smartphone into a PC. It got a lot more attention than I was expecting, so I want to clarify things a bit. It all started in 2013, when I was excitedly watching the unveiling of the Galaxy S4 and its octa-core processor from my dorm room. I was streaming the event on my expensive dual-core laptop, not quite believing that a phone could pack that kind of hardware. By the end of the same year, 64-bit ARM chips were starting to ship. I started to think that the term “smartphone” was really a misnomer; the devices that we carry around in our pockets are powerful computers that can get serious work done–they’re not just smarter phones. Yet we were only using a fraction of that power. Imagine tapping into that potential and carrying a single device that would adapt itself to any screen. That vision drove me to begin R&D on a proof-of-concept in my spare time, and in 2015 I actively started developme

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    WISP multi-player server platform and client libraries are now open source. Some background: WISP was originally developed by former MMO developers with the "prosumer" game developer market in mind. Customers in that segment often require a certain level of service scalability, redundancy and resiliency, all of which add to game server complexity. As such, the platform is very feature rich but not necessarily "user friendly" in its current state as it was not originally... Open-Source Multiplayer Server Platform Now Available

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    Published at LXer: The Maru project promises to bring an Android-based one for the phone that transforms into a Debian-based operating system when connected to a PC. Its developer has just announced that he's making the entire project open source. Read More...

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    What is up guys this is Landon! Here's a little background knowledge: Over the last few months I've been developing a plugin that creates terrains like seen in Civilization 5, called CivGrid. The plugin will be available with features not shown here in the coming months. This thread is a way to give back to the community for all that it has helped me and raise some awareness about my plugin. This tutorial will get you started towards making a complex yet fast hexagon terrain generated... [OPEN SOURCE]Procedural Hexagon Terrain

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    We have been working on this for a while now, opened the source some time ago but I guess we never posted it here. This is a framework that have been helping us to port many games to Windows 8.1 (Windows Store) and Windows Phone 8.1 (Windows 10 version coming up in the future), and we are happy to share it with you guys. More information here: Thank you!