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  • I can't get my head around how this forum works. Trying to respond to email alerts is deeply puzzling, and I think I'll have to give up trying to make sense of it all.

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  • Issue#7467: Sony - BDV-N9200W sound issue

    BDV-N9200W when switching back to to the home theatre system from another connection on the TV e.g. Apple TV or Aerial connection,  it makes a terrible load kind of electronic buzzing sound.  Do I need to change a setting on the home theatre system?

  • Issue#8375: Sony - Dav-tz140 USB issue

    Hi, I just bought DAV-TZ140 sound system, when i plug any usb containing movies, video it says no usb data. Kindly advise. Regards Murtaza

  • Issue#10712: Need helps with Sony Reciever str-dh550 humming sound issue!

    Heya..i have here a brand new Sony Reciever str-dh550 and is making a disturbing humming sound in standby mode. Is position exactly where the prior sony reciever was which wasnt making any noise. I already tested the power cable, all A/V cables are fixed and again, is located exactly where the old reciever was. I'm wondering if any of you having this receiver or familiar with recievers are having issues like this, and if I have to change it while on warranty or can fix it without or i'll be stucked with a bugging device?

  • Issue#12345: Sony - separate forum for used equipment

    Hello Sony, It would be great if you were able to create an independant forum/board for members how want to sell gear. A "Used Equipment For Sale" option similar to DVXUSER or REDUSER. I only have Sony gear and as I upgrade, it would be extremely beneficial to be able to sell to buyers who are specifically looking for it. Thanks!

  • Issue#26518: Sony - HDR AS200V(R) : can't switch on cause of trigger issue

    Hi All,    After one month of normal use of this HDR AS200V, I can't switch it on by pushing the I/O button (on the rear).This button actuates a tiny lever pushing a micro switch (on internal face, in plastic) and I suppose this lever becoming more & more weak unabled to push the internal micro switch.Has anyone met this issue ?Is Sony aware of this malfunction ?Thanks for your help.Best regards,Catcla

  • Issue#34335: Sony 4k X85 C 55inch Refresh rate issue

    Ok I am a huge gamer using a XBOX ONE and have 1 big issue with this TV. IT is the refresh rate issues with gaming. Now any game running 60 frames runs smooth as butter on the tv however any game running 30 frames or lower looks like crap with juddering and the graphics doubling when you spin. Now I am able to fix the issue somewhat by using motionflow however the graphics get horrible artifacting. So my question is this Am I able to somehow able to go into a secret setting and change the refresh rate to 1080p/30hz (ive read that people have done this) cause that would fix the issue or what else can I do? I am new to this type TV ive always had a older 1080p 30hz TV's. So any tips here would be so great! Thanks everyone!

  • Issue#38345: Sony - Sony NWZ-A15 Bluetooth Pairing Issue?

    Hello, I recently purchased this walkman on the basis it was bluetooth compatible. I decided to upgrade from my NWZ-E585 as that was not bluetooth compatible. The A15 is certainly not cheap so i expected no problems. So because i had no issues at all with the E585 for a number of years, I thought i'd upgrade this year to a more modern uptodate walkman. I bought the NWZ-A15 primarily to use with my Samsung mini-hifi (MX-J630) via bluetooth, as i could only use AUX with the older walkman player. I expected it to pair via bluetooth without problem. However the A15 cannot find it at all when in pairing mode. I have made sure the hifi is in BT ready mode but it wont pair. I have updated the walkman to the latest firmware (1.21) and also played around with the various bluetooth connection settings on the walkman, but all to no avail. I've attempted both system storage and microsd aswell. Still no pairing whatsoever. It is certainly not an issue with the hifi because i can connect to it via b

  • Issue#42611: Sony - Temporary fix to ghost issue

    My screen has a dark spot in the middle, and ghosting on the left side.   I disconnect and reconnect the control buttons panel and it fixes the problem.  However, the problem reoccurs, and then i have to disassemble the TV and disconnect and reconnnect the two leads to the control buttons panel, and it fixes the problem.  What part should I replace to permanently fix the problem?  Replacing the control button panel seems too obvious

  • Issue#44761: Sony - 4K/QFHD HDMI output issue

    This weekend we had a customer bring up and issue they were having with their FS7.  When shooting in 4K or QFHD in 23.98 they were unable to get the HDMI output to display on their SmallHD AC7 or their Teradek Bolt.  When they adjusted their frame rate to 29.97 or 59.94 the output worked no problem.  I was able to replicate this phenomenon with our FS7 and AC7, I tried every combination of output settings I could think of with no result. Does anyone have any insight as to why the output wouldn't work with those particular devices when the camera is in 23.98 opperation?  I was able to get it to work with a PVM 1741 monitor, so I would guess that the issue is in the way the camera does the output. I also tested this on the F55 and had the same problem.

  • Issue#49737: Sony - KD55S8505C Video App Issue

    Hi, The Video app on my Sony TV (KD55S8505C) always stretches the image to fullscreen and there seems to be no way of changing this. Pressing the action menu reveals an option for either "Expand" or "Fit to screen" but neither of these options change anything. Playing the video with any other app, VLC or MX Player for example, the video will play correctly, however this is not an acceptable solution as you cannot enable 3D Mode with these apps (which is just plain rediculous) so to watch a 3D file I am forced to use Sony's own Video app and suffer the stretching which makes everything look awful and out of proportion. Is there any fix for this or is it a known issue that will be resolved in a softaware update? Thanks,Adam.

  • Issue#55263: Sony - When I press the Rec button software update issue

    When I press the REC button it asks me to download the latest software but my TV Softere saids it's up to date , what do I do ?

  • Issue#57842: Sony - ARC issue between XBR-55X850C and HT-CT780

    ARC issue between XBR-55X850C and HT-CT780 - The XRB is aware of the 780 Sound Bar via the ARC connection (it turns it on/off, switches to the correct input and  and controls the volume from the TV Remote) but there is no sound. This is not a new problem it is one that has been around for some time. What is the problem/solution?

  • Issue#58156: Sony Bravia KDL-52WL135 Vertical Lines Issue

    Hi everyone, First time poster here and I need some help with my sony bravia KDL-52WL135. I previously replaced the FB1 (main video) board due to no picture or sound when turning on the set and the TV worked great for many months after replacing it. However, now there is green vertical lines spanning across the display as shown in the attached picture. I've tried replacing the T-Con board thinking it had an issue but the result remained the same. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Perhaps its the replacement FB1 board acting up? Thanks for any suggestions. Attached Thumbnails  

  • Issue#75561: Sony - Weird Vaio laptop keyboard issue

    My wife's SVP13215PXB Vaio laptop on Windows 10 has developed a very odd fault. The cursor keys and the delete keys have started working intermittently after a few months of working totally fine after the upgrade to Windows 10. So, on the Win 10 login screen all keys work fine. But when in Windows the cursor and delete keys only work when holding down the shift key. I thought it might be the scroll or num lock stuck on but I've toggled Fn+Del but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've uninstalled the keyboard driver a few times and have updated Windows and everything in the Vaio Care app.Any ideas greatly appreciated!CheersSimon

  • Issue#78556: Sony - KDL-43W809C issue after Feb update

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, since latest firmware update feb 2016, we get no sound and remote unresponsive after being in standby for a while, have to reboot the tv to get it to work, have read other people with this and seems to be a common issue, have emailed Sony but was wondering if there is any fix? Thanks again Chris

  • Issue#82371: Sony - Please Help (Sony TV KDL-46Z4100) Pixel Issue

    Please Help....I have a Sony to model KDL-46z4100 and have been playing video games on it. I fear and believe that the screen has "burned in" with some of the pixels as in the upper right corner the screen is dark black in spots. and that I will need someone to come out to repair it. I am also unsure as to if there is still a warranty on the television. Please help. Lastly, does anyone know usually how much it would cost to repair the pixel issue? Thanks. 

  • Issue#86052: Sony - i a serious ongoing issue with cutomer service, going on for 7 weeks ...I NEED HELP

    I sent my playstation to be fixed after 7 weeks its still not fixed, I get the runaround, lied to , broken promises, attiude by the supervisor...

  • Issue#86445: Sony - How do you escalate an issue?

    Why is it when you ask for someone else they always repeat what they just told you. I need someone to help me and I can't seem to get that. As a professional photographer you would think Sony would care and take thought into what they do and don't do.  

  • Issue#86835: Sony - Sony FS5 Firmware update Issue v1.10

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a solution to a problem I have been facing when updating the firmware of my Sony FS5. When I try to update it on my PC it will not recognize it (this is with the AC adapter connected as well as the USB.) I get the connection through on my FS5 LCD saying it is connected, but it will not process onto my computer when going through the firmware update procedure. However, it connects and works fine on a mac. I did previously try connecting it to a mac, but had my battery connected instead of the AC adapter which then popped the message that I needed the AC connected. The only conclusion I can come to is that since the FS5 was first connected to a mac it formatted to a mac. I'm not 100% sure if that is accurate, so I am hoping someone can help me if I need to reset or how to troubleshoot this problem to work on both mac and PC, please! Thank you!

  • Issue#95282: Sony - Issue Using Sideview App as a controller for Android TV(W800C)

    Using Sideview App as a controller for my Android TV(W800C),  " controller Connected" or "controller disconnected”  notification is frequently shown on TV screen even when I am not using the Sideview App.

  • Issue#99780: Sony - CineAlta Issue 7 is live

    All,   What do multiple Academy Award-winning cinematography legends, flying jetpacks and man-eating catfish have in common? They’re all in the pages of the latest issue of CineAlta magazine.   Issue #7 features profiles on two distinguished Cinematographers with five academy awards between them, an F5 documentary on Jetpacks for the Smithsonian Channel, several feature film projects, an in-depth look at Discovery Channel’s 4K 60p workflow, a Columbia University thesis film, and much more.   CineAlta magazine tells the production stories of cinematographers, DIT’s, and Directors, among others, using Sony’s digital motion picture cameras in diverse production environments, and the workflows experienced in post-production.   The applications explored in the magazine range from feature films, documentaries and sports to live concert productions, television shows and online content creation. All stories are told in professionals’ own words through balanced, r

  • Issue#100280: Playstation - How lazy is Sony, or the people who run this forum?

    Could Not Give LikesLikes could not be given to the message for the following reason:Likes Flood: You have exceeded the limit of 50 kudoed messages per day.Bump it up to 5000 so I don't runi into this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Issue#104411: Sony - No resolution to my issue, I've been waiting 8 business days for a call!!!!!

    I was told that I would be called to assist in resolving my issue (Ref#62866777) 8 business days ago.  I haven't been called!!!  Can you please HELP ME?????????!!!!!!!

  • Issue#120528: sony xbr55x810c issue need help from expert

    I purchased sony xbr55x810c a few days ago. When watching the tv from the front it is perfect. If I take a look at it from the side or at a wide angle from the side away from the tv, I notice some kind of darker shapes. Those shapes are only noticeable on white or clear images when watching content. Especially hockey games. Again from the side and far away from the tv. But never while watching in front of it. Watching a movie the picture is beautiful and there is no bleeding on black. Can you help me identify what this is and if there is a fix. My girlfriend says its nothing and wants to keep the tv. Am i nitpicking of does this justify a refund or exchange? Thank you Attached Thumbnails    

  • Issue#124953: Sony - Help With 3D issue on XBR-55X850C!

     Is the 3d glasses model TDG-BT500A the only ones that work?

  • Issue#127276: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#127397: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E [all in one] screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#132657: Sony - Broadcom 802.11 network adapter driver issue

    Hello, My Sony VAIO Model Number is: "SVF15218SGB" I am using Windows 10 - 64 bit, Recntly when my Windows 10 updated, My Wifi stop working and i get notication "broadcom 802.11 network adapter driver not support with Windows 10 " I really appericate that, if someone help me to fix this issue. Thanks

  • Issue#140365: Android - Sony Z3 Contact sync issue

    My google contacts failed to sync with my Sony Z3 since two weeks ago, but all other Google items (mail, calendar etc) are syncing properly. I have tried to remove and add back Google account, and have also even done a factory reset on the phone. However, I am still having issues with the sync.... Sony Z3 Contact sync issue