Issue#861: Samsung Galaxy S6: How Can I Remove Data, Even Though it Won't Turn On?

  • Hello all, I dropped my S6 in water yesterday. I went through the full evaporation and drying process, and today tried to turn it back on. It will show the title screen, but when it goes to boot the OS it crashes and starts over. I can access the repair menu, and it seems a factory restore would solve my issues, but I have some pictures, videos, and notes on the phone that are invaluable to me and I don't want to lose. There must be some way to transfer some of that data to my computer from the repair screen. Honestly, I would even be opposed to tearing the phone apart if it meant I could keep my files. I'm really looking for any kind of tips I can get here. Thank you very much.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1952: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: s6 edge 3g network issue (mobile data)

    sorry about my bad s6 edge (sm g925).slow browsing or does not work mobile data when using 3g mobile data .in 2g mobile data is ok.but issues with WCDMA. I flash two different firmwares but same problem .set APN manually. SAME PROBLEM.and i have same issues while making a call or sending a message...........its a hardware issue????? i need your help thanks in advance.............

  • Issue#934: Samsung Galaxy S6: How to Use ADB to Pull Data?

    How can I use ADB to pull everything I have saved on my phone onto my computer?

  • Issue#1524: Samsung Galaxy S II: How do I turn Safe Mode off?

    My phone randomly goes into safe mode don't konw how or why? It's the 1st time this happened was after collecting it from a service centre. Please assist ⟐ Answered January 24, 2016 at 2:49 am -0700

  • Issue#2059: Samsung Galaxy S III: My phone wont turn on

    There is an app in computer can reset or format my samsung S III because the home button dont work

  • Issue#2912: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: 100% battery on charge but fails to turn on (Boot loop)

    Ok so customer brought in a Samsung S6 Edge that was dropped in a glass of water. Well got the phone to turn on and all was well after treatment but now the phone just refuses to boot up, plug the charger in and it says 100% all the time but trying to boot it just boot loops. Tried another battery same issue, has the Charging IC gone ?

  • Issue#3813: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4: device won't turn on even when being charged.

    My Samsung Galaxy tab 4 was working fine this morning and then I went to the zoo and left it in a bag in the trunk of my car and nothing was hitting on it. I came back to it and it wouldn't turn on and I've tried to master rest and just resting it, and even on the charger it still wont turn on Someone please notify me. ⟐ Commented januari 24, 2016 at 7:18 -0700

  • Issue#3989: Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300): How can I remove safe mode in my phone I already stock

    how can i remove safe mode in my phone i already stock

  • Issue#5652: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0: samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 wont turn on

    i was in the middle of checking my facebook when my tablet randomly turned of despite having full charge. i left it on charge for more than 3 days and still nothing. i tried holding down the buttons and even connecting it to the computer to see if they can recognise it but still nothing can anyone give me some tips on what to do ? x ⟐ Commented January 25, 2016 at 10:58 am -0700

  • Issue#8946: Samsung Galaxy S4: Motherboard is dead, internal Data recovery possible?

    My Samsung Galaxy S4 Motherboard is dead no power supply to the motherboard. Is there nay way to recover the internal memory data from this? Please help ⟐ Answer accepted January 26, 2016 at 9:09 am -0700

  • Issue#9063: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Why won't my tablet turn on?

    When I press the power button, nothing happens. My tablet doesn't respond to it at all. Why doesn't my device turn on? ⟐ Commented januari 26, 2016 at 9:58 -0700

  • Issue#10220: Samsung Galaxy A5: My phone does not turn on

    my phone does not turn on. it only shows continuously "Samsung galaxy A3 powered by android" even after removing my nano-sim and thanks Alina

  • Issue#10225: Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus: don't turn on don't charge after a bad flash and root

    don't turn on don't charge after a bad flash and root

  • Issue#10672: Samsung Galaxy S M110S: Google Play Store can't establish a reliable data connection to server

    I have a samsung galaxy s but not the original one. it is samsung anycall galaxy s (Model # SHW-110S) the korean copy of samung galaxy s. i had problems with its messaging limit only 80 bytes per message and that was awful. so i got a new firmware installed in it by a local electronics shop. Now the details are as follows: -Firmware version: 2.3.6 -Baseband version: M110S.WA03.0942.ST -Kernel Version: -Build number: GFAN_M110S_GINGERBREAD.WC13_FTE9K_ODEX_SP4 [*hope this helps*] And from that day, i am unable to access/sign-in/sign-up or even use the google play store. whenever i try to sign into google play store or youtube, an error message appears saying that google cannot establish a reliable data connection to its server. i need your help immidiately and i will be very thanfull to you. please suggest me a new and suitable firmware to install and please suggest me a link to download that particular firmware. THANKS IN ADVANCE. ⟐ Commented January 26, 2016 at 3:07

  • Issue#11132: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: problem when I turn on my device

    i have chargec my device for a couple of hours and my tablet was turned off when i managed to turn it on it says regurarly SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 and then stucks on SAMSUNG and i cant go in tab menu also it turns off by itself and does the same thing SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 AND then freezes on SAMSUNG and does nothing i have left it for a couplw of hours like that and nothing happened please help me! ⟐ Answered January 26, 2016 at 5:19 pm -0700

  • Issue#12171: Android - What applications on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 can I disable/remove?

    First off, I am sorry if I posted this on the wrong place. I tried to post this in the correct place, but I may be wrong. I also apologize if this was said many times. I have done a long Google search and can not find anything reliable. Here is my...​ What applications on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 can I disable/remove?

  • Issue#13283: Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Power Button stopped responding. Phone will not turn on.

    I have had this Samsung Galaxy Nexus for less than 3 months. Originally, it took about 20 presses to get the power button to respond, now nothing happens when I push. The screen comes on when I plug the phone to power to show the battery indicator, but nothing else happens. How can I fix this? Seems to be a common problem with the Samsung Nexus S.. and now the Galaxy Nexus. ⟐ Commented enero 27, 2016 at 5:20 -0700

  • Issue#24636: Samsung Galaxy Note II: Why couldn't my phone turn on without charging it?

    My phone is all fine but it can be used ONLY when it is charging and it will automatically switch off when the charger is off, I can't quite figure out if the problem is with the battery or the software? I've reset the phone (using the volume up, power and home key) hoping it'll be okay again without the charger, apparently, that is only formatting the phone and its content. I tried to connect the phone to the laptop, and only the Samsung logo appeared and it'll continue charging. The phone can only be used normally when it is plugged to the charger on a socket, it doesn't seem to be supported by powerbanks or cables to laptop.

  • Issue#29629: Samsung Galaxy S4: How can I replace both antennas and fix data signal?

    I have a galaxy s4 i545. The data signal drops all the time. I thought it could be a kit kat software issue at first, but its not. The phone is now updated to lollipop and the same thing happens. I can only reset the phone to get a data signal back. Also the 4g connection is slower than the 3g connection most of the time. It can never stay on 4g, when it does the phone gets hot. It always switches back to 3g and then the data works again. I took the phone apart and saw that the left red antenna is missing the connector on the end of the flex cable. Its just an open end wire kind of touching where it should be connected. I ordered a new left and right antenna flex cable. Is it just connecting each end? Are there any other steps or factors to consider to fix this problem? I don't see answers for this kind of repair anywhere on the internet. Please help. ⟐ Answered January 29, 2016 at 6:38 pm -0700

  • Issue#29744: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0: Can't turn on Samsung tab 4

    My Samsung tab 4 when I press the power button it turn on and then it ask for password and after receiving password it shut down again. Again I press the power button then same thing is happening again. I'm not able to get in the tab. I connect with laptop was able to open properties but didn't know what to do.there is two tabs General and Hardware. If any body know what to do please help me. Thanks

  • Issue#32390: Samsung Galaxy S5: Difficult situation data transfer with broken USB port..

    okay here we go, I have a galaxy s5 from t-mobile then I rooted and put a custom ROM on. I went to flash another rom and it soft brick me. now here's my dilemma, my USB port is also broken so I've been hard wiring it to keep the battery charged. now I'm trying to figure out how I can still connect it to a computer. now I'm thinking that in theory if I connect the two data transfer cables from the USB cable the 2data transfer wires as I did with the positive and negative for the battery that it should work? I mean again it's all in theory, so if anyone has any thoughts or comments or maybe some really good advice, that'd be badass.

  • Issue#35288: Samsung Galaxy S 4G: Why won't my phone turn on?

    Whenever I try to turn it on I get the logo and then it turns off again. I've tried taking the battery for a few seconds and a few minutes. I've also tried charging the phone but nothing.

  • Issue#36606: Samsung Galaxy S III: How can I recover data from the phone's broken internal hard drive?

    So this is the problem: i threw my phone on the ground and stepped on it (my temper is not the best). the screen is shattered at the top, so much that the little bits of glass are falling out so NOW i decided to put the case back on. (i know). When i plug the phone into a computer a prompt will pop up however, when i click on the pop up nothing can be found on the phone. On my mac the photos will be "loading" all day. nothing shows up ultimately. i don't understand fully what is wrong. my phone still vibrates when i get a call or text and the little circle light at the top blinks as well as the menu and back button ,but i cannot see the actual screen. Is there any way i can get my data off of this phone? (pictures, messages from within apps, voice recordings, memos, anything? If i get the screen fixed will my data remain on the phone? i'm at a complete loss and freaking out! please help ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 3:04 am -0700

  • Issue#39933: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1: Tablet will not turn on

    On the night before, I used my tablet normally, turned it off and left it to charge overnight. Upon waking up to use my tablet, the screen indicated it's 100% charge display, but when I went to press the power button, the display went black, and would not turn on after repeated pressing of the power button. Neither the LED lights are on BTW. I have tried several methods such as pressing the power button in conjunction with either the up/down volume button or pressing the screen (while plugged in and unplugged). My last attempt was to gently disconnect the battery strip(?) And reconnect it, but to no avail.

  • Issue#42177: Giffgaff - Samsung galaxy S5 Wifi won't turn on.

    Hi,The Wifi on my phone wont turn on (it's constantly greyed out) I checked the Internet for an answer and the solution seemed to be doing a factory reset which I have done but my Wifi still won't turn on...Any advice?Thanks,Daryl

  • Issue#42251: Samsung Galaxy S5: My phone wont turn on the screen turn black

    i was charging my phone and when check it back it wont turn on and the sccreen turns black.

  • Issue#42533: Samsung Galaxy S4: data and text work fine. Can not make or receive phone calls

    I can send and receive text, google questions, even replay voice mail. phone calls do not come in or go out. all else works ⟐ Answered February 1, 2016 at 5:21 am -0700

  • Issue#45738: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0: Wont turn on and says download custom OS

    One day it turned off and I tried holding down the power and volume up it says it needed to download a custom OS or press down on the volume button for restart and everytime I go to restart it just stays at the 'samsung' screen and when I go to download it will just stay on the screen of the android character and says downloading but will just stay like that until it turns off, please someone help ⟐ Answered February 1, 2016 at 3:39 pm -0700

  • Issue#47048: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0: tablet wont charge or turn on

    ok so i recently just bought a new charger and the first hour it was charging since it was on 0% i then took the charger out and the tablet wont turn on, i tried EVERYTHING, including touching the screen while holding down on button, holding down the volume buttons while holding down the power button, i even let it sit with the charger in for like 24hours and repeating those steps. STILL NOTHING. is it the charger? any suggestions? ⟐ Answered February 1, 2016 at 8:48 pm -0700

  • Issue#48003: Samsung Galaxy S4: Won't turn on or charge, recognises on pc.

    So my galaxy s4 is totally unresponsive. It won't turn on or even charge. The backstory: the phone was working perfectly after a new battery, i tried 'resetting' the phone using the "Volume down, home and power button method" HOWEVER i read incorrectly and held all 4 buttons down (power, vol up, vol down and home). so now the phone is just black, it won't turn back on or anything. the only thing it *does* do is recognising on my PC. i have never plugged it to the pc before, so windows installed some form of driver, and whenever its connected/disconnected from the computer it makes the regular windows sounds as if its recognised, but nothing pops up. ⟐ Commented February 2, 2016 at 1:07 am -0700