Issue#8678: Fairphone - Problem with SD-card after every reboot

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    I just my 64GB micro sd card some month with my other phone. I inserted the card in the FP2, erased the card and copied some backups via wifi on it. After a while I rebooted the phone and there was no sd card. At the storage options I just found two buttons (mount and erase). Mount doesn't work, so the only option was erasing.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#8675: Fairphone - Sim card problem

    @hakwel wrote: I keep getting errors saying my sim card is not available. Problem is solved by reactivating the sim card, but still annoying to do this once a day. Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#85933: Fairphone - Icons from SD card disappear after reboot

    @hupfeldm wrote: When I start my fairphone2, apps from the SD card disappear from the homescreen after restart. Apparently this has been an issue already with fairphone1. I read through some fixing comments but didn`t find any that would help me in this situation. Is this bug still not fixed? Anyone experiences the same issues and knows an answer? PLease let me knowBestMario Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#243947: Fairphone - Dual SIM card selection software issue

    @janosch wrote: Continuing the discussion from FP2: How to use the Dual SIM feature?: Hello everyone, Since I am currently living in the United States, I am using the dual SIM feature of the FP2 to use my American and German plan on the same time. Like @moritzheinz, I also have the problem that my phone consequently uses the wrong SIM card. The steps he described (In the telephone app go to: Settings -> Call Settings -> Phone Account Settings -> Make calls with ... and change to the correct card), work fine. Nevertheless they are just a workaround for a bug in the Android system, which prevents the phone app from using the general settings (Only the option "Ask every time" seems to get synchronized). This is not only annoying, but also expensive. A call, which is routed from the United States to Germany and back to the United States is really nothing you want to see on your bill. I opened an new topic for this bug to raise awareness (to prevent at least other people fr

  • Issue#257750: Fairphone - FP2 looses sim card (only SMS/phone) randomly until reboot

    @Valentin_Schaeidt wrote: It happened several times now, that my data connection worked just as expected, while I was not able to make calls or send/receive SMS.That behaviour can be fixed temporary by rebooting, but usually it is annoying, because I do only notice when people complain about on less present communication channels. Background: I have one sim card, O2 Germany, in slot1.My default SMS app is signalI am usually not calling anybody.The mobile data connection is not affected by that problem (which is weird IMO) Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#566675: HP - video card/graphic card reboot problem

    15 days ago My laptop was unable to boot , when i have formatted it and after installing graphic card driver it is unable to boot again , i tried more than 5 times and even i tried windows 7 ultimate , proffessional and even 32 bit and 64 bit but its not working the momment i instal video driver after installing it requires boot and after boot its unabe to start please help my laptop is not in warranty . serial - 5CH1190AUA  product number - LZ801PA#ACJ  micro poccessor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

  • Issue#578394: Fairphone - Changes on SD card undone after reboot

    @AFS wrote: Dear all, I'm sorry that I open yet another SD card thread but I haven't found anything on this topic in the forum. I have a Fairphone 2 with Fairphone OS 1.2.8 that is not rooted. Rooting is not really an option for me. I use a 64 GB micro SanDisk Ultra that was formatted in my old FP1 and worked there without any problems. I use Solid Explorer and Amaze to manage my SD card. With both apps I have gone through the steps to grant SD card access. Now I can delete files on my SD card as well as copy and move files from the phone to the SD or create new folders on the SD. Everything seems to work fine. I can even open the files that I copied or moved to the SD from the SD card. But after a reboot of the phone all the changes on the SD are undone. Files and folders just disappear as if I would have done nothing before the reboot. If I have moved a file from the phone to the SD the file will stay deleted on the phone and disappear on the card, which means it is gone after

  • Issue#608699: Fairphone - Clock issue on reboot

    @z3ntu wrote: Any update on when the issue that the clock is reset every boot will be fixed? I located the problem, that Android fails to set the hardware clock (as the hardware clock is running from 01.01.1970) since you last removed the battery. For other: If you run the command "hwclock" you get the hardware clock time, which is set to the system/software clock every boot. If you run "hwclock -w" (which should set the hardware clock from the system clock), you get an error message.Cheers. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#785203: Fairphone - FP1 1.6 SD card & Phone storage not recognized (Partitioning problem?)

    @Simon_P_Ratzfatz wrote: I have some major issues with my FP1 that render me unable to use the phone and even block all attempts to fix it. 1) When trying to open the camera app, backup app, trying to download something, etc, it tells me "no external storage available". 2) Trying to install the Google apps does not work. When opening the link on the homescreen and accepting the terms, I get the message "Unfortunately, Fairphone OS has stopped". Maybe also the storage issue? 3) After putting a sd card into the phone, I still get the same problems as in (1) & (2) and the card does not show up under Setting -> Storage. Weirdly, also the Phone Storage section is empty here. Only Internal Storage is available with allegedly 13,26gb free space, which I am not able to access, File Manager offers me sheer emptiness. 4) The 8gb SD card works fine on Windows 10. I've been extra careful to format it in Fat32. Nothing on the phone. 5) When connecting the phone to Windows 10 via USB

  • Issue#1151602: HP - pavillion 15 n259TX with a problem of wifi and nic card heating issue

    Wifi not working and nic card of ralink rt3290 has heating problem...

  • Issue#2423: Lenovo - Thinkpad Yoga 15 Graphic Card issue (geforce 840m)

    I hope somebody can help me with this problem I have with my Thinkpad Yoga 15 (20DQ001KUS).I have upgraded it to windows 10 and all was running fine in the beginning but now I received ‘the blue screen’ all the time and  the computer does not restart normally after it. If I disable the Nvidia Geforce 840M graphic card (and just use the Intel HD graphics 5500) I don’t receive the errors. I have tried already many things with updating and rolling back drivers for the Geforce card. But it keeps giving problems. All other drivers are also up to date…. Thank you very much in advance! I have received the following error messages on the windows 10 blue screen:video_scheduler_internal_errorDPC_watchdog_violationvideo_management_internalvideo_DXGKRNL_fatal_errorAnd here are the results of the diagnostic scan (I also performed the separate motherboard diagnostic scan and it passed fully): ========================================================== Lenovo Solution

  • Issue#3345: Issue in reading SD card on HP Pavilion dm4 laptop

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion dm4 laptop which is having issues in recognizing the SD card from my camera. This is the first time i am using the SD in my laptop and my laptop is not recognizing it. Appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue. I went in device manager and try to update the driver but did not work and it said my driver is already updated Thanks in advance. 

  • Issue#8313: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 EU - HDMI problem using onboard graphics card

    Hi! I have a problem with booting the system using onboard HDMI. (sorry for my bad English)... The problem goes this way... When i connect my TV (Toshiba 42XV550 it's a Full HD 1920 x 1080p with 3x hdmi (1.3a) ports.) to motherboard(Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 EU) using HDMI (2.0) i have nothing... no bios post screen / no windows loading .. nothing. but if i connect it to other TV's ( i tried it with several tv's ... they pick up instantly. tried monitor (dell u2410 - it's a 1920 x 1200) it's works fine... i have tried diferent cables.. deleting drivers, different bios settings etc. MAYBE there is a solution to that? maybe i missed something it bios settings (i have tried various options..) Right now i'm running system using Graphics card (GeForce 8800 GT) it's connected using DVI to HDMI cable. And the problem is with cold start. I need to reset bios settings using onboard button Clear CMOS - 5 or 6 times to load the system and show me BIOS POST screen. And after that system works fine.

  • Issue#8727: Geforce - Evga gefoce gtx 780 x2 Driver problem or max card overclock?

    I wouldn't touch the BIOS of your card, cause you could brick it and void your warranty. Some graphics cards are good overclockers, and some aren't. Your 780s already have a small overclock out of the factory (hence the SC), so it's understandable that you're close to your clock limit. Try just overclocking the core. Get it to the max stable mhz that you can. Watch your temps - cause your cards will throttle if they get too hot - making your OC completely useless. The trick is to find that sweet spot where the temp/performance has a nice balance. Not use getting 1 extra fps if you gain an extra 5 degrees in temps (just an example). Only then start with the memory. Core beats memory easily. And don't be disappointed, it's the silicon lottery.

  • Issue#9369: Blackberry - media card problem

    I use my media card in BlackBerry z3 and it says this could resolve media card problems abd contens will quickly deleted what can I do

  • Issue#10069: Olympus E-300: Power problem cf card slot

    Problem with cf slot when put card in, power disappear. Just sound tic tic and nothing else. without card back to normal.

  • Issue#11481: Android - Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

    Hi Androidforums, is anyone else experiencing an issue with music unlimited, whenever they use up their data high speed data, music services such as spotify and iheartradio seem to stall as well? I am currently on the $40 dollar plan, and have a phone that I used prior with T-Mobile. T-Mobiles... Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

  • Issue#13174: Game Boy Advance: Sound card problem (without sound) -photos include-

    Hi, i have a Game Boy Advance, model AGS-001 and now have one problem: Without sound!! I took him to the technical but he told me was that the problem is in the sound card ( or something ) and not had this piece to exchange. After a few months I decided to try to fix-it but do not know which piece is, someone could help me ? Here some photos of the console: (Sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian) ⟐ Answered January 27, 2016 at 4:37 am -0700

  • Issue#15386: Giffgaff - what issue are giff gaff having with incorrect card details

    hi ive been trying to get a phone and goodie bag all day and so far all i get is incorrect card details i have asked agent and all i get is that i am one off the people going through this issue on there end what is the actual issue i carnt get an answer from anywhere and im starting to get realy dissapointed with giff gaff as i am curently without a phone and all my friends/family are on giff gaff and say that it is great please help

  • Issue#15698: HP - Problem with network card Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi M.2 Adapt

    Hello, i have a problem with my network card "Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi M.2 Adapt " the network card is detected but it clashes with something. I can only connect by using a network cable. Thank youThomas 

  • Issue#17632: Lenovo - Lenovo A7010 SD card Unmounting issue

    Received my phone on 22nd of January and switched it on by 23rd Jan. I was impressed by the look and feel of the product. But I am facing a big issue which is annyoing.  A pop up comes up frequently and says "SD card is unmounted and some more details" and should REBOOT. I am not allowed to to any other action othe than REBOOT. Really really feeling bad that a brand new product is behaving this way. Suggesst me a solution.

  • Issue#17998: Fairphone - FP2: MP3 as ringtone gets reset after reboot

    @dib0 wrote: Hi there! I have an MP3 (either from the internal SD card or the external SD card). But after a restart of my phone the setting gets reset to the default ringtone. Anyone else with this problem? (If so, this might be a bug). Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#19547: Geforce - Driver/ Surround Problem/ Issue

    Hello, since the update yesterday I have been unable to use Nvidea Surround. I get the message Display connection error when I click on apply. The window I get is broken, and I have been through the steps of uninstalling, reinstalling, clean install, checking all my monitors are plugged into the correct ports. I am running SLI and the connection guide is useless. Please can you assist me.

  • Issue#22472: Document Center - i have a problem with the payment of adobe creative cloud, my credit card got stol

    i have a problem with the payment of adobe creative cloud, my credit card got stolen, i m waiting for the new one, are they going to interrupt my account?i can't give the new credit card number because it' not be issued yet,

  • Issue#25142: Radio Control - TGY-i10 SD card Problem

    Hi Guys i jave the Tgy-i10 and have tried 3 different SD cards (4GB SDHC class 4, 16GB SDHC Transcend class 10 and a 8GB SDHC Sandisk Class 6) in it but everytime it says "SD card is Write protected" but none of them are? what am i doing wrong

  • Issue#29208: Rayman 1 Memory card problem

    I have encountered this problem that doesn't usually happen when i play Rayman 1. I go to save with the memory card and then it says " This memory card has changed reinsert the initial memory card and press X button" Does anybody know why this is happening?

  • Issue#29367: Dance Card issue due multiplaying

    Hello, I have a smaller problem. If I play alone with camera (PS4) everything is okay, my nickname is displayed, but when my friend is joining to a dance our names replaced with Jazzy and the others. Is it possible to to use our dance cards instead of Jazzy and Cozy? And if yes, how? We tried to do it in different ways but without any result :/ Its a bit annoying that we want to earn our own points and in case of multiplaying we are always playing as Jazzy and Cozy :/ Thanks for the help!

  • Issue#36077: Moto g 3rd gen sd card problem

    I just bought my phone maybe 2 months ago, and about 3 weeks ago i bought a SD card for it. then about 4 or 5 times a day it says micro SD unexpectedly removed and then back and case are still on it. So then all the things i have on the SD card disappear

  • Issue#36400: Geforce - Help! Driver issue or graphics card?

    So, I've had a GTX 750 ti, then I decided to upgrade to a GTX 980 TI, I start up a game and I get horrible lag. I've uninstalled all previous drivers from when I had a GTX 750 ti, and I installed the latest updated drivers from Geforce Experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#37028: Giffgaff - Problem purchasing a Goody Bag with Master Card and SecureCode

    As I can't find a telephone number to call regarding a goody bag purchase, I'll try my luck in the forums. Is there a problem with purchasing goody bags at the moment, I tried to do it this morning.  After filling in all of my details and going through the SecureCode process, it then informed me that I had entered something wrong. I logged into my credit card account and checked all my details, even called them to verify my card was fine.  Everything was fine on the Credit Card side, so I tried again several times to ensure I hadn't entered the details incorrectly.  It continued to say I had type in something wrong. I then logged in to the SecureCode site and could see 7 attempts from GiffGaff to take £15 for a goody bag, each attempt with a tick in the result column.  I'm hoping this doesn't mean that you have taken money 7 times because my GiffGaff account is currently showing as "No Goody Bag". Can someone please call me on my GiffGaff number