Issue#962: Playstation - ERROR

  • hola me sale un error al pagar mi plus

    el codigo es E-812027850

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#21456: Playstation - FIFA 16 - Error CE-34878-0: Fix for This Issue?

    So so disappointed in the technical support provided by Playstation.  Issue has been with Playstation for 2 months and each time I have to call for an update.   They have provided troubleshooting steps several times but it does not fix the error.   I purchased the Fifa 16 game of disc and each time you score a goal the system crashes and blue screens.  There are many internet sites where it says that Playstation know about this error however they do not have a fix.  Totally disappointed.  They can not guarantee that if I purchase the game online and the same error occurs they will replace my money.  I definately won't be buying a playstation again should the console die.      Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#470392: Playstation - Service Error, Can't access Chat support due to online ID issue

    Hi Everyone,  I am receiving a Service Error when trying to access Vue on my free trial (4 days left).  I have tried contacting support through chat however it refuses to recognize my online ID, so I can not access the support chat.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Thanks!

  • Issue#661580: Playstation - Messy 1.04 Connection issue and Party join error

    After 1.04: 1. white plug appears often2. grenade somestimes takes 5 seconds to explode3. Very difficult to take downs as it is VERY LAG, especially as a party leader4. Cannot join Party Please fix that asap as it is an urgent issue

  • Issue#725428: Playstation - PSN Connection Issue - DNS error 80710102

    This appears to have been an issue for many people. When watching Netflix on my PS3, I get a DNS error 80710102 and am signed out of PSN. My PS3 is hardwired into my TWC modem and I'm not having any internet connection issues with my other devices. I performed all the basic trouble shooting steps (turn off PS3, unplug modem, manually enter public DNS numbers,etc.), all to no avail. The one thing that does work is resetting my PS3 network settings, which restores my ability to connect to the PSN. However five minutes in to watching Netflix on my PS3 I lose connection and receive the same error. I've reset my network settings multiple times now with the same result. This appears to be a common problem without a common solution. Both PS3 technical support and TWC tier 3 support have been unable to assist. They both have basically said "sorry - can't help you". I just want to say that before this started two days ago, I've never experienced this problem before. Before I give up on being a

  • Issue#811232: Playstation - Error Regarding: PS4 Activation Issue and Lock Below Games.

    Ive updated my playstation 4 recently and now i cant  play my games on the other accounts on the same ps4 this issue was not presented before the update.So  i go to my settings and restore my liscences this dosent work and it turns out my main ps4 account is not activated as primary anymore and it says it cannot be activated as someone else has my account activated this is highly unlikely because ive given noone my account and this is my only ps4. If anyone had a similar issue and came to a fix please tell me it would be gladely appreciated.

  • Issue#893067: Playstation - DVR Issue when restarting live broadcast from beginning causing permanent error in DVR

    I recently encountered an issue that has come up again since the first time. A few weeks back I wanted to watch the last 2hour episode of Street Outlaws Season 4 Episode 10 on 06/20/2016. I missed the first part of the live broadcast so I figured I would start it over from the beginning. I have the show set as a favorite so the show was being recorded to my cloud DVR during the live show. It seems that is part of the problem, because when I went to start the show from the beginning I got an error. "There was an error playing the program. Please try again or select another program to continue Vueing. [NATIVE_ERROR:INTERNAL] " That error remains to this day. If I try to play that show from the DVR I get the above error. Which was the same error I got during the live broadcast when I tried to start the show from the beginning. I was able to go back and watch the live show, I just missed part of the beginning and then later the ending. Weeks later I still cannot view that show. I

  • Issue#1178277: Playstation - Issue connecting to Factions MP! ERROR AUTHENTICATION FAILED

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to the last of us remastered Factions MP for PS4?? I keep getting a connection error stating:Error authentication failedI am posting on 9/5/16 at 8:34PM CST

  • Issue#508: Playstation - Big missions issue

    Help, I can't redeem my reward for daily or any missions , it says error and then doesn't give the reward, it happened for two weeks and still is, please help!☹️ 

  • Issue#559: Playstation - Playstation 4 controller (DS4) light bar issue

    Aside from everything else woking in perfect condition, the light bar is turned off completely at any circumstances, except it lights up when it is placed on PowerA charging station but only a litte bit and off without having it charged. It charges with USB althought no light bar. "Resetting the controller" using the reset button at the back all seem not to get it back on. Is it because of the latest update? Would anybody have a solution to such a light bar issue?

  • Issue#854: Playstation - error CE-34878-0 (game won't load)

    Tried playing digital version of MLB 15 The Show and it wou'd load. Got error page with error CE-34878-0 and option to report error which I did. Looked up on Google "CE-34878-0 PS4" and found others had problems. Suggestion by some was to turn off console and reinstall game. Some said it worked, others said it didn't. I went to NOTIFICATIONs and looked for MLB 15 The Show and used the Reinstall Appllication option, not reinstalling the whole nor did I delete the game. Went back to game and it loaded properly and I am now playing it. Nothing works for everyone.

  • Issue#960: Playstation - PS Vita Store error code NP-2245-3

    This error code constantly appears on the PS Vita store but with different descriptions. For me its either "Could not connect to playstation network within the time limit" or "connection to the server is lost" I'm not the only one with this issue and there are many fixes and none of them work for me. I've tried everything from the options in safe mode port forwarding to activations. It has to be an error in the PS Store for the vita. Playstation needs to fix it.

  • Issue#1366: Playstation - Disk read error

    Ok well here it is every time i try to play games with cod aw zombies i can only olat for like a few minuts befor it kicks me out and then gives me this message: Disk read error 'imagefile1' does anyone else get this and if so how do i fix this? i really want to play zombies again. Thank you

  • Issue#1988: Playstation - Fast forward error um-5nv8

    For the last few weeks almost every time I try to fast forward I get this error. I then press OK, play, then fast forward and it works. Will this be fixed soon? It's quite annoying.

  • Issue#2050: Playstation - PS4 startup issue

    Hello. I purchased my Ps4 system on Black Friday of 2015 and didnt have any issues out of it for the first two weeks. Then one day I powered the system on and a static grey image appeared and flashed on and off the screen. After that the screen went black for a few seconds then the proper image of the ps4 log in page appeared. Since the first inncodent I stated; the system has done it about 6 more times since then. I  just wanted to post this and see if anybody else has had the same issue before and found a fix for it?   Thank you! 

  • Issue#2428: Playstation - Error 80130504

    hey, i'm getting the 80130504 error in my playstation 3 every few minutes when i play online it is happening fo weeks now and i dont know what to do plzz help meee!!!!

  • Issue#2431: Playstation - Error code E-82021054 when using credit card for free trial on playstation plus

    Hi Playstation, I have this error E-82021054 when i want to register my credit card for free trial on playstation plus .I read the article but doesnt work for me. Please help me and fix it. Thanks,

  • Issue#2550: Playstation - unable to launch Vue - error# s1_2bc-s0

    i am unable to start Vue. i get error code# s1_2bc-s0.someone online recommended to try chat support. when i do, i get an error page saying: We are unable to proceed with your Chat request. Reasons could be: exceed limit of support requests, attempting to chat on topics better suited for other support channels (check out twitter/blogs).   this is my very first time ever to use chat support. anyone can suggest a solution? thanks         

  • Issue#2551: Playstation - Error ce-34878-0 help?

    I was trying to watch twitch it keep giving me the error ce-34878-0 for 3 days . I got mad and cursed at Sony in the report and it fix it. I'm not lying. Not sure if it will work for you tho.

  • Issue#2622: Playstation - Can't connect to psn error nw-31189-2

    I have a problem with connection to psn, when I verify the connection on network on IP and internet connection appear succes and on playstation network sing in appear failed and I got an error NW-31189-2. if i try to sign out and login after I enter my password I get the same error.I restarted my router, my ps4 I tried to change the mtu to 1475 or 1450 same error.

  • Issue#2856: Playstation - Error with network on every game

    Hey everytime I try to connect online it works sometimes on every game it says I've been disconnected from the playstaition network online features will be unavailable but I try to join a match like 3 more times then it lets me in a game.

  • Issue#3112: Playstation - PSN error 8002A548

    Ok i need to ask how to fix this because it happens way too much.Is this like a registry error or is a problem with PSN

  • Issue#3171: Playstation - Error NP-37637-6

    I can't connect to my internet and this came up

  • Issue#3322: Playstation - Vita Error Code C3-11058-5

    What is the fix for error code C3-110058-5?

  • Issue#3494: Playstation - PSN Subscription on ps4 error (wc-40355-7)

    I can't use my psn subscription voucher because my PS4 keeps saying error. It acknoledges that it is a real code but when I click confirm it says error. 

  • Issue#3769: Playstation - Small issue with Destiny the game itself, not being on the play store

    okay so I bought my system (ps4) and it came with the digital copy of Destiny the game. okay cool so recently I decited to buy the legendary edition for the dlc (downloadable content) and i was having issues in the game (a bungie issue) i thought maybe if I put the disk in it would fix the issue, (which it didnt) but reguardless using the disk replaced the digital copy and now I cant download the game again (only the game with the dlc is available on play store with the original game) so I have to constantly switch the disk when I want to play the game which is annoying because I already have the digital copy.. I mean I know theyre not gonna put the game bak on the market just for me but its kindof lame that I had to buy the game again because I wanted the dlc and the best deal at the time for everything.. i doubt theirs some way to resolve my small stupid issue, but Id like to be able to give my extra copy to a friend because I bought it after I already owned the game and now i cant .

  • Issue#4073: Playstation - Odd issue with Tales From The Borderlands Season Pass DLC

    So a couple months ago I believe it was I purchased the Season Pass for Tales From The Borderlands for my girlfriend on her PSN account. We currently share the same PS4, I'm the main account holder on it since I've owned it before I met her. I logged into her profile, navigated to the PS Store and purchased the Season pass for her as a gift. It said it downloaded and all was fine. Well, she's trying to play it now, but it's only showing that I own the Season pass and instructs her to purchase it on her profile. I made sure beforehand to log out of my profile before making that purchase as I don't intend to really play that game as I don't tend to enjoy adventure games like that to much. Is this possibly a glitch or is their some way I can transfer this Season Pass over to her account strictly? I know it's a long shot but I figured making a post wouldn't hurt. Thanks to whatever Sony Rep answers!

  • Issue#4736: Playstation - Ps4 error code CE-38633-3

    When I attempt to stream on YouTube or Twitch I get this error code, it's only started doing it in the past 24 hours but it's a pain and it stops my streams within minutes. Is there anything I can do to fix?

  • Issue#4870: Playstation - i am having problems with the error ce 34878-0

    when im in the middle of my gaming session on blacklight retribution on the ps 4 im having the following error code ce 34878-0...this is a problem with a game or my ps4???help me on this issue please developers i love this gameee....

  • Issue#4998: Playstation - Twitch app down, Error CE-34878-0

    Anybodys twitch app crashing . My been down for 4 days